Golden-Fried Baby Squid (Kalamarakia)

Golden-fried baby squid, or Kalamarakia, offers a flavor that is uniquely Greek and delicious. Serve garnished with wedges of lemon and deep-fried parsley.

Karahi Prawns and Fenugreek

The black-eyed beans, prawns and paneer in this mean that it is rich in protein. The combination of both ground and fresh fenugreek makes this a very fragrant and delicious…

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Tempura is best eaten immediately after cooking.

Russian Herrings

This Russian Herrings recipe is a traditional European dish that was originally made from pickled herrings, but can be made with boiled herrings.

Russian Fish Parcels

Russian Fish Parcels is a rich, decadent dish to make for your family and friends. With a crisp pastry crust filled with succulent fish, this dish is sure to be…

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Fried Sardines (Sardinhas Fritas)

For those who love fried sardines, this is a recipe for you. The spices and flavours found in this dish make it a mouthwatering treat.

Fresh Fried Trout

This recipe for fried trout is a classic dish that can be prepared in a variety of ways. The recipe includes a step-by-step guide, easy to follow directions, and simple…

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Russian Oysters

This recipe will have you shucking and slurping in no time!

Baked Thai Salmon

Looking for a way to spice up your dinner menu? This Thai Salmon recipe is bursting with flavor and so easy to make.