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Veal Olives

Although they take time to prepare, Veal olives are well worth the extra effort – they make a very attractive main course for a dinner party. If the escalopes seem…

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Hungarian Veal Goulash

Veal is the traditional meat used for goulash, although beef is sometimes substituted. It is a good idea to cook this dish a day ahead of time: when reheated, the…

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White Meat Stock

This is the best white meat stock recipe out there. It's easy to make and it doesn't require any ingredients that are difficult to find.

Zurich Style Veal Stew

Zurich Style Veal Stew is a savory soup with brisket, vegetables, and spices. It is a delectable dish that can be enjoyed in the winter and summer.

Italian Veal Casserole

A traditional, hearty Italian Veal Casserole recipe. This is the perfect dish for a winter night!

Neapolitan Veal Cutlets

These are the most delicious veal cutlets you'll ever have! Get the recipe for this Neapolitan dish.