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Cod in Paprika Sauce

Creamy paprika sauce complements the flavour of cod magnificently in this tasty recipe.


Do not be put off by the thought of eating raw fish, as the cod will ‘cook’ in the spicy marinade and the result is absolutely delicious.

Creamed Fish Pie

Firm, juicy cod is used for the filling of this warming pie. Caraway seeds add interest and flavour to the sauce, and the dish has a creamy topping of mashed…

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Cod in A Spicy Yogurt Crust

Everyday cod takes on a touch of the Middle East in this recipe. A delicious mixture of herbs and spices is added to the yogurt marinade, which forms a crisp…

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Creamy Cod Appetizer

Add only enough milk to make the potatoes creamy; if too soft, they will not hold their shape after piping.