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Persian Pilaf

In the Middle East and India, pilafs are served as a side dish instead of plain boiled rice. But they can also form a vegetarian main course, topped with plain…

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Easy Peking Duck

This is a very easy recipe for Peking Duck. You can easily make it at home with the ingredients in your pantry.

Duck with Chinese Mushrooms and Ginger

Ducks are often seen, comically Herded in single file, along the water channels between the rice paddies throughout the country. The substantial Chinese population in Indonesia is particularly fond of…

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Turkey Stir fry

The Chinese, who originated the stir-fry method of cooking, consider it unlucky to cut food straight across, which is why the ingredients in their dishes are always cut on a…

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Pork Chops with Orange and Ginger

Both oranges and root ginger are thought to have originated in China. This dish is an adaptation of a traditional dish still served in the fertile but hilly province of…

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Orange Chicken

This simple recipe is based on a popular Malaysian dish with a fruity sauce. Oriental chefs sometimes slice their meat half-frozen, helping them to cut it very finely. Serve with…

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