Mascarpone Cheesecake

Mascarpone cheesecake is a traditional Italian dessert. It's rich, creamy, and made with eggs and cream cheese for a decadent treat.

Pistachio Ice-cream (Gelato Di Pistacchio)

You will need either an ice-cream maker with paddles or a churn for this recipe. Serve with crisp wafers or, to be really authentic, little amoretti biscuits {cookies).

Cinnamon Balls

Tired of the same old Christmas cookies or desserts? Spice things up with these cinnamon balls. They're easy to make and delicious to eat!

Japanese Plombiere

A plombiere is an ice cream mixture containing almonds or chestnuts. It may be frozen in a decorative mould but is more often scooped into balls and piled up to…

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Persian Rose Pudding

This is another delicious rice pudding, eaten by the Jews of Teheran on Shavuot, which they also call the Festival of Roses. Dried rosebuds and rosewater, which are used throughout…

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Plava Cake

This is a traditional Passover spongecake–light, fluffy, and equally good at any time of the year.

Pomegranates and Almonds

This delicious dessert is traditional in North Africa at the Jewish New Year. Rosebuds are available from Middle Eastern stores, as are rosewater or orange-flower water.


These doughnuts were a specialty of Warsaw Jewish bakers. The Polish Catholics who stood in line to buy them in the depths of winter probably did not realize that they…

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Potato Kugel

This comes from Byelorussia, a province in western Russia that had a large prewar Jewish population. Potato kugel is a rich, hearty savory pudding–almost a meal in itself.

Strawberry Auflauf

A delicious souffle originally from Austro-Hungary, this recipe can also be prepared with other soft berries such as raspberries, loganberries, boy-senberries, or blueberries.

Stuffed Monkey

This delicious Sephardic cake is popular among English Jews, though the meaning of the name is unknown. One theory is that monkey is a conuption of machshee, Arabic for "stuffed"…

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Sweet Fruit Kugel

This Ashkenazic recipe from Austro-Hungary and Poland is baked overnight with the Sabbath stew. The better quality the leftover bread or cake, the more delicious the kugel. Serve it with…

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Thai Baked Rice Pudding

Black glutinous rice, also known as black sticky rice, has long black grains and a nutty taste similar to wild rice. This baked pudding has a distinct character and flavor…

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Thai Coconut Cream

This traditional dish can be baked or steamed and is often served with sweet sticky rice and a selection of fruit such as mango and tamarillo.

Baked Rice Pudding, Thai-style

Black glutinous rice, also known as black sticky rice, has long black grains and a nutty taste similar to wild rice. This baked pudding has a distinct character and flavour…

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Thai Black Glutinous Rice Pudding

This very unusual rice pudding, Bubor Pulot Hitam, which uses bruised fresh root ginger, is quite delicious. When cooked, black rice still retains its husk and has a nutty texture….

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Toffee Apples

These homemade toffee apples are a delicious and simple treat for this time of year.

Toffee Apple Wedges

This is a fool-proof recipe for toffee apple wedges. This dessert is easy to make and tastes incredible!

Christmas Cheesecake

This is a delicious cheesecake recipe that will make a perfect addition to your holiday dessert table.