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Salmon Pies

Use economical canned pink salmon in a very unusual and tasty way.

Smoked Salmon Mousses

Scottish salmon is thought by many to have the best flavour of all and Scotland has always been justly famous for its traditional smokehouses which put flavour into fish with…

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Salmon Pâté

This highly nutritious, elegant pate is low in fat and very quick to prepare.

Salmon with Fennel Mayonnaise

Pernod is a French aniseed-tasting drink and is available in miniature-sized bottles. When water is added to Pernod, it turns quite white and cloudy.

Salmon Herb Parcels

By wrapping the salmon in ‘parcels’ of foil, the flavour and goodness of the fish are sealed in and not lost in the cooking process. Salmon herb parcels may be…

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