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Celery Victor

Celery Victor is the creation of the chef at one of San Francisco’s most famous hotels.

American Blueberry Muffins

Muffins were originally brought to the United States by British settlers but have been adapted and changed so much over the years, they would now no longer be recognizable as…

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Collards with Fatback

This dish was once a staple part of the diet of most of the black people in the United States.Now that ”soul food” is popular, even trendy, its popularity is…

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Corn on the Cob

Corn cobs are native to the Americas and were a staple food of the Indians long before Christopher Columbus (or Eric the Red…) first sighted land. Corn on the Cob,…

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Crab Patties

The eastern coast states of Maryland and Virginia are noted for their seafood, particularly crab and lobster and this is a typical dish of the region. They may be served…

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London Broil

Despite its name, this dish is a standard lunch menu item all over the United States. It is often served, cut into diagonal slices, on toast or, as here, with…

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Pandowdy is another of those oddly named but delicious New England desserts. This one is made with apples but rhubarb can also be used.

Pecan Pie #2

This rich, delicious pie is found all over the United States now, although it originated in the South.

Veal Parmesan

This popular dish is an American adaptation of a traditional Italian favourite. It makes an excellent light meal, served with salad and bread–and lots of red wine.


These favourite American breakfast snacks are made on special irons. They are traditionally served with generous helpings of melted butter and maple syrup.