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Classic Roast Turkey

This classic roast turkey recipe is for all of the turkey lovers out there. It's easy to prepare and tasty too! Serve surrounded by vegetables and stuffing balls and garnished…

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Roast Turkey with Celery

Roast turkey with celery – a healthy way to serve the traditional Christmas or Thanksgiving dish.

Maryland Chicken

This Maryland Chicken recipe is a great way to enjoy a family favorite in the comfort of your own home. It's so easy and delicious!

American Coleslaw

Learn how to make coleslaw. This classic American recipe is rich in flavor, and goes well with barbecue and other grilled meats.

Maple Spareribs

Spare ribs are a popular and inexpensive meat, and they lend themselves very well to a variety of sauces. Serve these spare ribs, as below, with lots of salad for…

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Manhattan Clam Chowder

Chowders originated in New England and are probably the most popular type of soup in the United States. Clams are the most common base, as in the two classic recipes…

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Devil’s Food Cake

This devil's food cake recipe is probably one of the easiest cakes you can make. Anyone can make this delicious chocolate cake.

Coffee Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie is a classic dessert that can be topped with whipped cream or ice cream. This recipe is made with coffee, which adds an extra layer of flavor.

Hoppin’ John

Hoppin' John, a mixture of black-eye beans and rice, is an indispensable part of the Southern ''soul food'' repertoire. It is traditionally served with ham hocks or smothered pork chops,…

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American Cream Cheesecake

Cheesecake was probably originally a Middle European invention, but it has been embraced and adapted with great enthusiasm and ingenuity by Americans so that it is now a standard menu…

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Barbecued Pork Chops

This is a classic recipe for barbecued pork chops, that's easy to prepare and always a hit with family and friends.

Meat Loaf #2

Meat Loaf is a dish made from a mixture of ground beef, salt, black pepper, chopped onion, eggs and bread crumbs.

Meat Loaf

This recipe is the best! Mouth-watering and smells great. You'll be eating meatloaf for days.

Philadelphia Pepper Pot

This is a recipe for Philadelphia Pepper Pot Soup, one of the most popular foods in Philadelphia.

Cherries Jubilee #2

Cherries Jubilee – This is a classic dessert that doesn't need to be complicated. With just a few ingredients, it's perfect for any occasion.

Apple Brown Betty

This dessert has been found in American cook hooks since the 18th century and continues to be popular today. Serve with whipped cream or custard.

American Potato Salad

Almost every culture has at least one potato salad to its credit and most have many. This recipe is a typical American version.

Cranberry Mousse

This delicious, rich and creamy dessert is a great addition to any holiday dessert table.

American Chocolate Chip Cookies

These really are America's favorite cookies. Soft and chewy, with deep notes of vanilla and chocolate, these cookies will remind you of home.

Club Sandwich

Put half of the bread slices on a board and cover them with turkey slices and salt and pepper to taste. Cover with the lettuce leaves, then the tomato slices….

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American Type Hamburgers

American Type Hamburgers is a family-friendly American food recipe that is simple and easy to make. This hamburger recipe can be made on the stovetop or in the oven, and…

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