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Fish Cakes with Herbs

Fish cakes are an economical way of making fish go further. You can, if necessary, replace some of the fish with more breadcrumbs but check the seasoning carefully to make…

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Smoked Finnan Haddock with Egg Sauce

True Finnan haddocks are smoked in Findon (corrupted to Finnan), near Aberdeen, but any properly smoked haddock – brownish not bright yellow in colour – will do for this dish

Ash Wednesday Fish Pie

According to a religious tradition, the consumption of all meats, eggs and dairy produce is forbidden during the 40 days of Lent – hence the use of milk, fat and…

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Russian Fish Parcels

Russian Fish Parcels is a rich, decadent dish to make for your family and friends. With a crisp pastry crust filled with succulent fish, this dish is sure to be…

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Good Friday Fish Pie

This recipe for a traditional Good Friday fish pie fills your kitchen with delicious aromas and tastes even better than it smells.