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Baked Stuffed Mackerel

Mackerel should be eaten the day it is caught, so this is a recipe for people living near the sea.

Baked Mackerel with Gooseberry Sauce

This delicious summer dish (available all year round if you freeze gooseberry puree) offers an interesting contrast in flavours – rich oily mackerel is offset by sharp tangy gooseberries. Be…

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Mackerel Pilaff

Take care not to overcook the courgettes. They should be just firm when pierced with a knife.

Smoked Mackerel Salad

Ready cooked whole smoked mackerel can be bought from fishmongers and delicatessens and are easily filleted. Frozen vacuum-packed, or canned smoked mackerel fillets are available from supermarkets.

Mackerel in Cider Sauce

Use a medium-dry cider to make a fairly sharp sauce. This will contrast well with the rich definite flavour of fish such as mackerel.

Mackerel with Lemon Stuffing

A substantial supper dish for the family, lemon-stuffed mackerel could be served with a diced cucumber salad and boiled new potatoes tossed in parsley butter.

Marinated Mackerel with Tarragon

Dill is the herb most commonly used for marinating fish, but there is no reason why other herbs such as tarragon or parsley cannot be used. Mackerel is one of…

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Sweet and sour mackerel

Mackerel in a marinade of grated onion, carrot, white wine, and soy sauce. Garnish it with blanched almonds and lemon slices.