Blue Cheese Bake

The French name for this dish – Soupe au Fromage – is wonderfully misleading. It isn’t a soup by modern standards, but it is an old and very comforting baked…

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French Cheese Fondue

Serve luxuriously rich and creamy Fondue Franc-Comtoise with a crisp green salad to clear the palate.

Basic Cream Cheese Pastry

Cream cheese pastry is a moist, flaky pastry often used with sweet or nut-flavoured fillings. It is ideal for rich tartlets and tiny petit fours.

Sage Derby Souffles

Souffles are an airy French dish lightened with whisked egg whites, which take their name from the specific flavouring used. Here the popular British cheese marbled with chopped sage adds…

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Lymeswold and Watercress Flan

Lymeswold is a full-fat soft blue cheese with a white rind, the texture of which varies as it ages. Watercress is available all year round now that it is specially…

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