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Karahi Prawns and Fenugreek

The black-eyed beans, prawns and paneer in this mean that it is rich in protein. The combination of both ground and fresh fenugreek makes this a very fragrant and delicious…

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Tempura is best eaten immediately after cooking.

Seafood Wontons with Spicy Dressing

The best Chinese food recipes are the ones that are made in your own kitchen. With this Seafood Wontons with Spicy Dressing recipe, you'll learn how to make wontons from…

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Turbot and Prawn Creole

Prawns and turbot creole with tomatoes, onions, celery, pepper, basil and garlic. Garnish it with whole cooked prawns.

Prawns with almonds

This is a delicately flavored dish of prawns with almonds. Garnished with spring onion flowers and serving hot.

Prawns in ginger sauce

This dish is a delicious and nutritious recipe and perfect for a meal any day of the week. Serve it with noodles.

King Prawns in Curry Sauce

A delicious recipe for a family dinner, this dish is a favourite with kids. A tasty, spicy curry sauce perfectly complements succulent king prawns.

Spicy Prawns with Chinese Noodles

Both Italy and China lay claim to having been the first country to invent pasta; the Italians with their spaghetti, and the Chinese with their delicious egg noodles. Noodles are…

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Prawn and Mango Cocktail

The prawn and mango cocktail is a refreshing cocktail, perfect for any occasion. The recipe is easy to make, but be sure to use the freshest ingredients for best results.

Spicy Garlic Prawns

Garlic has a natural affinity with prawns; enhancing their subtle flavour without being overpowering. You can use other vegetables such as aubergine, broccoli or cauliflower instead of the courgettes.

Tacos Veracruz

This is the only place you'll find authentic Veracruz tacos. The recipe originates from the Gulf of Mexico region in Veracruz, Mexico.