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Polish Style Herring

Herring, prepared in any form, is a national favourite in Poland. These fish can be prepared well in advance and stored in their marinade.

Scottish Herrings in Oatmeal

The oatmeal in this dish adds to its bulk and fibre as well as absorbing the rich oiliness of the herrings. Herrings are economical fare, in season all year and…

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Bangra Masala (Spiced Herrings)

This dish is from the west coast of India, where fish is abundant and plays an important part in the staple diet. Bangra is a fish found around the coasts;…

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Selsey Soused Herrings

This dish gets its name from Selsey in Sussex and dates from a time when herrings were plentiful in the seas off England’s south coast. Halve the herrings lengthways before…

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Herrings in Mustard Sauce

Mustard sauce is one of the classic accompaniments for fish and it goes especially well with the richness of herrings.

Russian Herrings

This Russian Herrings recipe is a traditional European dish that was originally made from pickled herrings, but can be made with boiled herrings.