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Crunchy Roast Duck with Turnips

The meat content of a whole duck is low, which is why breasts (magrets) are so popular, while legs are an economical way to produce a delicious meal. Many different…

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Duck Breasts in Orange

Magrets de Canard a L’Orange is a variation on the classic dish of duck with orange. Duck works well with sweet tastes, and this is a quick and stress-free version…

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Duckling with Green Peas

In this mouthwatering recipe the vegetables are cooked round the duck and take on plenty of flavour, ;yet without being too fatty. If fresh peas are not in season -…

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Duck Curry

This basic curry combines the rich taste of duck with a vinegar-based masala and coconut milk? and the result is absolutely superb !

Roast Duck with Grapes

Strain the remaining dripping from the duck into a bowl. Cover and keep in the refrigerator for roasting potatoes. Duck dripping can also be used for roasting parsnips. For easier…

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