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Greek Chicken Stew

This Greek chicken stew is bursting with flavor! It's easy to make, healthy, and loaded with veggies.

Tsoureki (Greece)

Tsoureki is a traditional Greek Easter bread, baked in a special pan and decorated with a cross of hard-boiled egg.

Beef Rissoles (Keftethes)

Beef Keftethes are one of the most loved dishes by Greeks. They are typically made with minced beef, onion, garlic, eggs, oregano and olive oil.


A Greek classic. As a variation, the meat con be threaded on to rosemary twigs (remove most of the leaves) and cooked over a charcoal grill for about 15 minutes.

Greek Salad

A traditional Greek salad with feta cheese, olives, tomatoes, onions. The perfect summer dish!

Golden-Fried Baby Squid (Kalamarakia)

Golden-fried baby squid, or Kalamarakia, offers a flavor that is uniquely Greek and delicious. Serve garnished with wedges of lemon and deep-fried parsley.

Karahi Prawns and Fenugreek

The black-eyed beans, prawns and paneer in this mean that it is rich in protein. The combination of both ground and fresh fenugreek makes this a very fragrant and delicious…

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Greek Dressing

This easy to prepare dressing is made with almond oil, white wine vinegar, garlic, ground almonds, potatoes and chopped fresh mint.

Greek Roast Lamb

Greek Roast Lamb is a classic dish, with a particular Greek flavor. It's easy to cook and delicious as a main or as a side dish. Roasting the lamb in…

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Fried Cheese Puffs (Tirakia Tiganita) Greece

Fried cheese puffs are a traditional Greek dessert or snack. These fried cheese puffs can be made with different kinds of cheese, this recipe is with grated Kefalotiri cheese.

Moussaka (Mousaka)

Moussaka (or mousaka) is a traditional Greek dish, made of layers of eggplant, ground beef, tomato sauce and baked in a single pan.

Easter bread (Tsoureki)

Traditional Greek Easter bread, Tsoureki is a sweet, rich, buttery Easter bread that's traditionally made for this special holiday.

Dairy Free Orange Stuffed Lamb

Lamb weighed with bone and then boned and butterflied by your butcher. Keep the lamb bones to make stock if you have time. Cool and refrigerate the drained stock, skim…

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Greek Lemon Chicken Pie

A Greek twist on a traditional chicken pot pie dish. It's made with lemon instead of the typical cream, and it's big enough to serve six people.