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Eggs Benedict

An American favourite, perfect for brunch or lunch. You can use crisp rashers of streaky bacon instead of ham.

Flamenco Eggs

As the title suggests, this is a popular Spanish recipe. Serve for lunch or supper.

Floating Islands

This is a pretty dessert with the contrasting but complementary tastes and textures of custard, meringue and crunchy caramel.

Eggs With Herb Beurre Blanc

Commonly used in sauces, especially Bearnaise, and to flavour vinegar, tarragon has a pungent flavour which marries well with egg in this classic fines herbes mix.

Baked Eggs With Ham And Chorizo

Huevos A La Flamenca this classic Spanish egg dish was named after the palace of La Flamenca in Aranjuez, the former spring residence of the Spanish kings. Others say it…

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Egg Foo Yung #2

This is the Chinese version of the western omelet. It is usually served either on its own {or with a filling, as the following recipe), or it can be cut…

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Stuffed Eggs #2

Never over boil eggs as this causes discoloration of the yolks.

Basic Omelet (Tortilla)

Tortillas in Mexico are flat breads, usually made from corn meal, but in Spain the same word is used to denote an omelet, somewhat thicker and fuller than the traditional…

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Egg and Onion

This dish really should be called “Onion and Egg.” Eat it with pumpernickel or sour rye bread. It is an appetizer popular in eastern Poland and Russia, where even the…

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These slow-cooked eggs are typical of Sephardic cooking. They are often simmered in a stew but they can also be cooked separately. The slow cooking makes them especially delicious, and…

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Matzo Brei

Although Matzo Brei can also be served sweet with sugar and cinnamon, I prefer it as a savory luncheon dish, with plain boiled potatoes.

Eggs in a Nest

Eggs continue cooking in their own heat if not cooled quickly in cold water.