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Clafoutis Pancake

Clafoutis Pancake: tender, sweet, and delicate. A beautiful dessert that is perfect for any occasion.

Onion Soup (Soupe a l’oignon)

The classic French onion soup recipe is a hearty, warm, and satisfying dish. It's made with beef stock, onions, butter, and cheese.

Boned Chicken Breasts with Pâté

When Rossini became tired of being a musical prodigy he turned to cooking and one of his ''cooking friends was the great French chef Auguste Escoffier, who created Supremes de…

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Pâte Crepes (Crepe Batter)

This is a basic crepe batter–to make a savoury version sift 1/2 teaspoon of salt with the flour at the beginning of the recipe: to make a sweet batter, beat…

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Sauce Bechamel (White Sauce)

This is the single most important sauce in the whole of French cooking and is reputed to have been introduced into the national cooking repertoire during the reign of Louis…

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Provencal Fish Stew

This is a simplified version of the classic Provencal fish stew known as bouillabaisse. Rouille sauce is a traditional accompaniment. Buy as wide a variety of fish as possible. Choose…

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Genoese Onion Tarts

Drain the anchovies, then soak in milk for 20 minutes. Drain again and cut into 12 even-sized strips.

Drambuie Creams

Be careful not to whip the cream too stiffly otherwise the dessert may become too thick when the other ingredients are added. This is an unusual adaptation of the famous…

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Chicken Catalan

Spanish chorizo sausages can be obtained at most good delicatessens, and are easily recognizable by their bright red appearance. They are made from pure pork flavored with pimiento (hot red…

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Original recipes for Pissaladiere come from the South of France – and the ingredients used in this rich, tasty quiche are typical of the cuisine of that region.

French (savory) Omelets

The beauty of the French omelet is that it is so versatile – and relatively quick to make. Once the art of making a good omelet has been mastered, there…

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Valentine Pork au Poivre

This Valentine's Day, cook up a little love with this decadent pork dish. Hearty and playful, this dish is perfect for any occasion.

Dairy Free Apricot Souffle

Apricot Souffle is a traditional dessert, but with a twist. Made without dairy, it's a healthy and luscious way to end your meal.