Coq au Vin

This is a very old dish, invented – or so the story goes – by Julius Caesar. A group of Gauls had been cornered Asterix-fashion by one of Caesar’s garrisons….

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Chicken with Coriander and Mint

Coriander is one of the most highly perfumed herbs, characteristic of Asian cooking. A good partner, too, for lamb, fish and vegetables. Mint lends a touch of sweetness.

Chicken Parcels

These neat puff pastry pasties are filled with a lovely, spicy mixture of chicken chunks, carrots and onion. They are perfect picnic food as they can be made in advance…

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Spiced Chicken

Curry powder is increasingly used in British cuisine these days and most supermarkets stock a selection of them in varying strengths. Cayenne pepper used sparingly adds heat. Add mangoor peach…

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