Tangerine Jelly

Wait until the jelly is beginning to set before adding the fruit or it will sink to the bottom. Use satsumas or mandarins if tangerines are not available.

Raisin Semolina

Beat the egg into the mixture quickly, otherwise it will start to set. Watch the topping constantly; once the sugar starts to colour it darkens very rapidly.

Hot Coffee Souffles

Individual souffle’s cook more quickly and are easier to serve than baking 1 large one. But if you do want to make 1 large souffle, use a 850 ml (1…

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Apricot Flan

Fresh apricots provide a good contrast to the creamy filling; you could substitute unsweetened canned apricots in natural juice but be sure to drain them well and pat dry with…

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Coconut Ice

Coconut ice was also a favorite because, like most homemade Jewish candies, it is kosher for Passover. Of course, there is no special reason to color half the coconut ice…

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Matzo Farfel Candy

This Passover candy can also be made at other times of the year using ordinary farfel.


A Passover pudding popular in Romania and Bulgaria, this is served as either a dessert or an accompaniment to meat.

Fruited Rice Auflauf

This is a popular dessert among German and Austrian Jews. It can be made dairy by cooking the rice in milk and using butter instead of margarine. However if you…

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Matzos Shalet

The shalet, or schaleth, is a traditional sweet pudding eaten by Ashkenazic Jews. The word is actually a corruption of cholent, and refers to when the pudding was cooked like…

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Spicy Apple Crunch

The best type of cooking apples to use are Bramleys, which reduce to a soft pulp when cooked.

Raisin Pie

Make sure that the raisin filling is quite cold before it is put into the pastry-lined tin. If hot filling is put into raw pastry it will make the fat…

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Orange and Lemon Water-Ice

Be careful not to split the skins of the oranges when squeezing out the juice. Choose oranges with good unmarked skins and try to find 12 more or less the…

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Blackcurrant Sorbet

Serve the sorbet with small meringues or with crisp French biscuits. Seal, label and freeze for up to 3 months.

Chocolate Cheesecake #4

This cheesecake takes a little time to prepare and cook but is well worth the effort. It is quite rich and is good served with a little fresh fruit.