Ricotta Ice-Cream

This delicious ice cream is made from sweetened ricotta cheese and vanilla extract. Top with chocolate for a classic Italian dessert.

Banana and Vanilla Mousse Cups

This dessert recipe is perfect for when you want a light treat. The mousse cups are made from bananas and vanilla, with a chocolate topping.

Banana and Honey Ice Cream

Banana and honey ice cream is a popular dessert served in many countries. This ice cream is made with the flavors of banana and honey, which balances the sweetness of…

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Gooseberry Whip

This luscious dessert is the perfect dessert for your summer party. It's creamy, cool, and refreshing with a nice tangy flavor.

Honeyed Gooseberry Fool

A fool, or fritter, is a dessert that is typically made from fruit and some form of sweetener such as sugar and honey.

Chocolate mousse #5

A very popular dessert, Chocolate mousse is rich and creamy, with just a hint of rum. It can be served in a large bowl with cream piped around the edge.

Chocolate Mousse #6

This chocolate mousse recipe is so easy to make, it's nearly impossible to mess up. It's light, fluffy, rich, and perfect for any occasion.

Creme Russe

Lovely creme russe recipe for a perfect Christmas dessert, or any time of the year.

Lemon Cream Dessert

This dessert is a great way to turn lemons into something sweet. It's creamy and dreamy, not too tart or sweet.

Citrus Syllabub

This is a traditional English drink, a chilled syllabub made from sweetened whipped cream and lemon or lime juice. It is often served in a wine glass with a little…

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Creamy Coffee Ice Cream

This homemade coffee ice cream is rich, creamy and refreshing. It's the perfect dessert for any occasion.

Quick Lemon Mousse

This quick lemon mousse recipe is a deliciously light and fluffy dessert that you can make in minutes. It's a great choice for a last-minute dinner party dessert.

Burnt Honey and Thyme Ice Cream

This is an ice cream recipe that my family loves. It's similar to a French custard ice cream, but with a touch of honey and thyme.

Strawberry Yoghurt Ice Cream

This ice cream's high fruit content gives it a slight texture. It is best eaten when half-frozen. Any soft fruit can be used in this recipe, but you may wish…

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Cottage Cheese Cake

This is a recipe for a rich, moist and creamy cheese cake that my family has been making for years. It's perfect for Easter or any time of year.