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Leek and Pea Flan

This attractive green flan makes excellent use of traditional Welsh leek. Frozen peas taste just as good in it as fresh but dont use canned ones or the flavour will…

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Apricot Flan

Fresh apricots provide a good contrast to the creamy filling; you could substitute unsweetened canned apricots in natural juice but be sure to drain them well and pat dry with…

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Honey, Almond and Orange Flan

Pastry is very high in calories, but this pudding’s unusual flan case is made out of almonds and dried dates bound together with honey – the most ancient of all…

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Apricot Flan #2

Instead of using the rich shortcrust pastry that is traditionally used for flans, this recipe uses light and crispy filo pastry. Filo pastry is now available from larger supermarkets. A…

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Strawberry Flan

This strawberry flan recipe is the perfect dessert to make for your Valentine. With a little love and patience, you can whip up this delicious dessert in no time.