Pecan Pie #2

This rich, delicious pie is found all over the United States now, although it originated in the South.

Shoofly Pie

This is a Pennsylvania Dutch speciality and so named, tradition has it, because when the pie was baked and left to set, the flies buzzed around and the proud cook…

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Kent Lent Pie

In the days when Lent was strictly observed, many cooks became very ingenious at thinking up new dishes to break the monotony of their abstemious diet. This recipe, sometimes called…

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Teviotdale Pie

Originating in the Borders where good meat is taken for granted, this dish is a kind of suet pie which makes a small amount of meat go a long way….

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Fruity Chicken Pie

Turkey makes a delicious alternative to chicken. A chopped green pepper may be used instead of the sliced mushrooms.

Raisin Pie

Make sure that the raisin filling is quite cold before it is put into the pastry-lined tin. If hot filling is put into raw pastry it will make the fat…

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Fidget (Fitchet or Figet) Pie

This is an old recipe handed down through generations of farmers’ Wives and it still appears in farmhouse cookery books today. There seem to be any number of versions, and…

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Pea and Artichoke Tart

Artichokes were a favourite vegetable of the Romans and then in the rest of Europe from the late fifteenth century onwards. It took a while to become generally accepted but…

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Tomato, Onion and Goat’s Cheese Tart

The tomato, known as the ‘love apple’ because of its presumed aphrodisiac qualities, originated in South America, being well known to the Aztecs. It was brought to Europe by the…

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Treacle Tart #2

Treacle, as we know it in Britain today, is the sugar syrup first produced as a by-product from sugar refining and production in the nineteenth century. It soon replaced honey…

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Lord Woolton Pie

When British men were called up to fight in the First World War (1914-18) it was found that about half of them were suffering from malnutrition and in some cases…

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