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Pear and Chocolate Brioche Pudding

Brioche is a lovely soft roll or loaf made from a yeast dough enriched with eggs and butter, which give it its distinctive colour and flavour.

Tropical Crumble

If using canned pineapple, try to find a can that has unsweetened syrup, because the topping mixture for the crumble is itself very sweet.

Rich Caramel Mould

Make sure every granule of sugar has dissolved or the syrup will crystallize. Watch the caramel constantly as it can easily scorch. Stand well back as the milk will splutter…

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Lime Ice Box Pudding

If you do not want to serve all the pudding at once, cut off as many slices as you need, then wrap the (undecorated) surplus in foil and return it…

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Raisin Semolina

Beat the egg into the mixture quickly, otherwise it will start to set. Watch the topping constantly; once the sugar starts to colour it darkens very rapidly.

Spicy Apple Crunch

The best type of cooking apples to use are Bramleys, which reduce to a soft pulp when cooked.

Appleberry Dumplings

loosely in the pastry or it will break open. To help prevent the pastry bursting open, make sure the joins are well sealed with egg. Serve the dumplings straight from…

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Treacle Sponge Pudding

An old-fashioned English steamed pud, Treacle sponge pudding is light and fluffy in texture, with a hint of ginger to its flavour. Traditionally, it is served with hot custard.

Pommes Bristol

A dessert made with relatively simple ingredients, Pommes Bristol is delicious. Choose a firm-textured apple such as Cox’s Orange Pippin and serve with whipped cream.