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Mint Jelly

A delicious herb jelly, made in the traditional way, and a pleasant change from mint sauce to go with roast lamb. The yield will depend on the ripeness of the…

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Wine Jelly Cream

A pretty pudding with a lovely flavour. The wine jelly glows enticingfy from beneath the topping of rich and creamy custard. Propping the glasses at an angle as the jelly…

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Redcurrant Jelly Tart

If you do not have a springform tin, use a loose-based sandwich tin. The dough is very soft; you may want to flour your hands when pressing it in the…

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Tangerine Jelly

Wait until the jelly is beginning to set before adding the fruit or it will sink to the bottom. Use satsumas or mandarins if tangerines are not available.

Jelly with Kisses

Jelly with Kisses is a nice dessert for Valentine's Day. Present this raspberry and red-fruits jelly to your love.