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Devon Flats

These delicious creamy biscuits are very easy to make and are not as rich as their list of ingredients might indicate.

English Easter Biscuits

These spicy, fruited biscuits were originally baked and eaten around Easter, particularly in the West Country, but are too good to be restricted to such a short period. They keep…

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Maidstone Biscuits

Puff pastry is spread with a nutty, lemon mixture before being rolled up to bake. Best eaten warm.Crisp and light, these crunchy little biscuits include almond pieces to give a…

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Dundee Biscuits

Scotland is famous for rich, mouth-wateringly short biscuits, and these are no exception. A scattering of almonds on top adds interest but otherwise the biscuits rely on good, simple ingredients,…

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Inverness Gingernuts

These favourite biscuits are good and gingery with an extra treacle flavour and a crisp texture.

Passover Cinnamon Cookies

These cookies are very simple, but so delicious it is surprising they are not better known. The stiffness of the cookie dough will depend on the amount of egg white…

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Florentine Slices

Rich, luscious biscuits, these Florentine slices are lovely with coffee, either morning or after dinner.