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Salsa Verde #3

If you can find only capers pickled in vinegar, they can be used for this salsa but they must be rinsed well in cold water first.

Greek Dressing

This easy to prepare dressing is made with almond oil, white wine vinegar, garlic, ground almonds, potatoes and chopped fresh mint.

Egg Mayonnaise

There is nothing better than a simple, well-made egg mayonnaise.The secret of making good mayonnaise lies in the temperature of the kitchen and the utensils used – they must be…

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Blender Mayonnaise

It is essential to know how to make mayonnaise properly, as it is used in all kinds of dishes apart from salads; it is used as a base for sauces…

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Yogurt Dressing

This simple dressing can be used instead of mayonnaise for those who prefer a light, refreshing dressing, or for those who are slimming.

Devilled Dressing

This is for those who like a hot, spicy dressing for salads and to serve with hamburgers or cooked meats. It is best to make this dressing in an electric…

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Mustard Dressing

A sharp, tangy dressing, excellent for salads to serve with cold roast beef, pork or ham.

Stuffed Egg Mayonnaise

You won't miss the mayonnaise or eggs in this delicious, quick, and easy to prepare dinner. Give it a try!