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Red Cabbage Slaw

Red cabbage makes an unusual change from white in this coleslaw and you’be surprised at how tender it is.

Cabbage with Juniper Berries

You can use any type of cabbage that happens to be in season for this delicious recipe, juniper berries are wrinkled and black and, when crushed, release their delightful aroma….

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Red Cabbage with Pears

This recipe rings the changes on the old favourite, cabbage with apples, using pears instead. All varieties of dessert pears can be used successfully in this dish, which has a…

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Cabbage Gratin

Add peeled, chopped tomatoes to the sauce and scatter some crispy, fried bacon bits on top to make a complete supper dish. Serve on own or as an accompaniment to…

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Cabbage and Lemon Sauce

The sauce needs plenty of salt to bring out the lemon flavour. It is essential that the cabbage is tossed quickly in the sauce, so that it still has a…

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Red Cabbage Casserole

Red cabbage, casseroled with apples, onion and raisins, makes a perfect accompaniment to roast pork. This recipe makes double the quantity required, and it is excellent reheated on top of…

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