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French Onion Tart #2

Beautifully smoky-sweet and delicate, Tarte a l’Oignon is perfect as a main course with a summer salad, or as an autumn starter.

Braised Onions And Rice (Soubise)

This is a delicious accompaniment for peppered beef fillet (steak au poivre); braised artichokes or braised chicory Flemish style would complete a main course.

Baked Onions with Nut Stuffing

Choose onions that are hard, with no obvious soft spots, and avoid any that are showing signs of sprouting. Althoughraw onions are known for their pungent smell, when cooked they…

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Braised Onions

Cebollas Guisadas Choose onions about the size of shallots, but not quite as small as pickling onions. A fast way to peel them and to keep a nice shape is…

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Glazed Onions and Carrots

Cooking time depends on the age of the carrots and the size of the slices; this is an ideal way to cook old carrots, which can take as long as…

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Creamed Onions

Watch the breadcrumbs carefully, since they brown very easily.