Syrian Fruit Salad

syrian fruit salad

Syrian Fruit Salad

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Dried fruit makes a refreshing dessert when served lightly chilled. The fruit is not cooked, but simply left to soak in water and orange juice for up to 48 hours. It can be spiced with a few tablespoons of brandy if wished, and it is delicious served with strained Greek yoghurt. For special occasions, you might like to add an authentic Middle-Eastern touch by garnishing the dish with rose petals.
Servings: 4
Calories: 212
Prep Time 5 minutes
Soaking time 1 day


  • 8 oz mixed dried fruit
  • 2 large oranges
  • 1 oz blanched almonds and pistachio nuts
  • Rose petals for decoration optional


  • Roughly chop some of the large pieces of dried fruit, such as apple slices and pear halves, and place them with the rest of the dried fruit in a bowl.
  • Squeeze the juice from the oranges and pour it over the dried fruit, then pour over 1/2 pint (285 ml) of
  • water. Stir well, cover and leave to soak for at least 24 hours, until the fruit becomes very tender.
  • Stir in the almonds or pistachio nuts. Turn into a serving bowl and chill in the refrigerator. Remove and decorate with rose petals if wished, and serve.
Calories: 212 kcal
Carbohydrates: 46 g
Protein: 4 g
Fat: 4g
Saturated Fat: 1 g
Sodium: 6 mg
Potassium: 577 mg
Fiber: 8 g
Sugar: 34 g
Vitamin A: 182 IU
Vitamin C: 36 mg
Calcium: 125 mg
Iron: 1 mg
Dishes Salads
Ingredients Fruits
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