Banana Fan Flambe

Use a fish slice and turn the fans very gently so that they do not break or lose their attractive shape. Hold the match just above the side of the…

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Rhubarb and Orange Cream

If you do not have a blender, simply mash the rhubarb thoroughly until it is a smooth, creamy pulp. Use the finest part of the grater to grate the orange…

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Pear Wine Sorbet

Choose firm pears such as Conference or Cornice for this sorbet. Avoid Williams which will be too soft. It is worth choosing a good wine, or the flavour of the…

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Iced Passion Fruit Dessert

You will need about 8 passion fruit. Cut in half, then scoop out the pulp. This dessert is delicious served with slices of pineapple and sweet biscuits.

Spiced Banana Dumplings

Do not stretch pastry or it will shrink during baking. To prevent this, let the dough rest for 5-10 minutes after rolling out.

Mango Yoghurt Foam

Take care to remove only the coloured zest and not the bitter white pith just beneath it. Peel mangoes over a plate (to catch the juices), then slice the flesh…

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Chilled Cherry Compote

It is worth paying extra for the canned cherries which are ready-stoned, not only because the cans contain more cherries, but also because stoning cherries is a tedious and often…

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Sicilian Orange Cassata

This is a version of the famous Sicilian sponge cake that is traditionally served at weddings to celebrate the start of a new life.