The Best Fillet Knives in 2023

A fillet knife can be one of the most overlooked knives in your set. Most people will just revert to using a chef knife for all their filleting needs, but in all reality, owning the best fillet knife will help you so much more than a chef knife.

A fillet knife is specifically designed to give you the lightweight handling and control you desire when cleaning fish. The blade tends to be very flexible yet durable to ensure that the meat separates from the bone and skin easily.

In this article, we will review several top-quality fillet knives to determine which is the best choice for you. We will also go over some things to look at when choosing a fillet knife so that you can make the right decision.

How to Choose a Fillet Knife

Choosing the best fillet knife is just like choosing any other knife. You want a knife to exceed all expectations and most importantly, last a lifetime.

Several different factors to consider are blade sharpness, blade retention, and overall construction. You will, of course, want to find the best quality of materials to create a quality knife. But you will also want some kind of warranty to guarantee the longevity of your fillet knife.

Blade retention and sharpness

The sharpness of the blade will play a major role in your ability to make precise and accurate cuts when filleting a fish. Having the absolute sharpest edge on your fillet knife is key. If your edge is not sharp then you may tear at the flesh of the meat, leaving the meat unseparated from the skin and bone, which you do not want.

Blade retention is the ability of the knife to hold a sharp edge over time. Of course, you can use a sharpening stone or sharpening steel to sharpen your knife. But most knives are constructed of higher carbon metals, allowing them to remain extremely sharp over time without needing to sharpen them.


The quality of the materials used to create the knife will determine if the blade will do what you want it to do. For a fillet knife, you want the blade to be thin, flexible and strong.

Most Japanese knives are made with a higher carbon metal, making them thinner and sharper. Fillet knives are also constructed to bend without breaking, so a thinner metal will help to add flexibility.

Other things to look for in a fillet knife would be the handle construction. You will want a knife with a full tang and at least 3 rivets within the handle. This will make the knife stronger.

A handle that has an agronomical shape helps when handling the knife. You will want the knife to be lightweight but also have a good feel when held in your hand.

The type of knife or what they call they blade will not matter as much. For instance, some may call their fillet knife a boning knife, when in all reality this is the same as a fillet knife. However, some may call their fillet knife a carving knife. This is not the same as a fillet knife. So, make sure what you are purchasing is indeed a fillet knife.

Price Point and Guarantees

Purchasing a quality knife can become quite expensive. So, make sure that when you are choosing the best fillet knife, the knife comes with some sort of warranty.

Even though most fillet knives are durable and flexible, they are also the most prone to break or have some chipping over time. A warranty will help to protect your knife when it breaks. Most quality knife makers offer a lifetime warranty with their knives because they are confident it will last forever. If it doesn’t, they will either fix the knife for you or replace it completely.

Care and Upkeep

General care for your knife is not complicated. Always handle the knife with care as to not drop it. Store the knife in a wooden block or in a cool and dry area.

When cleaning the knife, do not place it in the dishwasher or leave it to soak in water. This will damage the edge of the blade and in some cases the handle as well.

To clean your knife, hand wash under warm water with soap. Dry the knife immediately with a towel, do not let the knife air dry.

Best Fillet Knives

Dalstrong Fillet Knife

Dalstrong Fillet Knife

The Best Cutting Edge

This fillet knife has been constructed of high carbon German steel which strengthens the knife and ensures durability over time. The knife has a full tang, three rivets and an ergonomically designed handle to aid in maneuverability and precision handling.

The retention of the blade has been rated quite high on the Rockwell scale. This means the blade is sure to hold its sharp edge over time.

It is an exact 7 inches long and also comes with a leather sheath to store the knife in when not in use. Dalstrong stands behind their product with a lifetime 100% guarantee on any chips, breaks or damages.


  • Constructed with high carbon steel making it a very strong blade, resistant to most breaks and common damages
  • Great blade retention with a rating of 56+ on the Rockwell scale
  • Comes with a leather sheath for storage

  • High carbon steel makes for a strong knife but lacks in flexibility

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Mercer Culinary M23860 Millennia 8-Inch Narrow Fillet Knife

Mercer Culinary M23860 Millennia 8-Inch Narrow Fillet Knife

The Straight Shooter

While this knife may have some drawbacks when compared to other knives, it does have some positive points. The 8-inch, a non-tapered blade is constructed of high carbon Japanese steel which makes the blade extra strong. This will prevent the blade from breaking or chipping when in use.

The handle has an agronomical shape with a textured finger point for minimal slip resistance.

Although the knife is on the cheaper side and may not bring as much to the table as other fillet knives, Mercer stands behind their product by offering a lifetime warranty to protect the knife from wear and tear.


  • Extra-long blade to aid in filleting wider cuts of meat
  • Agronomical handle with slip resistant finger points

  • The knife does not have a full tang or rivets to secure the blade to the handle which can cause problems down the road
  • The blade is not a single constructed piece, making the durability of the knife questionable
  • The blade is not tapered to aid in blade retention

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Global Flexible Swedish Fillet Knife G-30

Global Flexible Swedish Fillet Knife G-30

The Best Single Material Knife

Made from a low carbon stainless steel, this fillet knife is incredibly flexible, making it very easy to maneuver around skin, flesh and bone.

The blade is made from one single piece of steel which adds extra durability and strengthens the integrity of the blade.

The handle has been constructed with an agronomical shape and dimple featured design. This makes the knife easier to handle and adds a non-slip grip. The handle has also been hollowed out to create a very lightweight knife.


  • Made from low carbon steel which adds long-lasting flexibility within the blade
  • The handle is hollowed out with an agronomical shape creating easier handling
  • Dimple design on the handle to create a non-slip grip

  • While handle has been designed to resist slipping, it is not a traditional polymer construct like most other knives
  • Low carbon steel aides in flexibility but lacks in durability, making it prone to damages

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TUO 7 inch Boning/Fillet Knife

TUO 7 inch Boning/Fillet Knife

The Peak Performance Filet Knife

This filet knife looks excellent and would be a perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook or that needs to break down a lot of beef tenderloins daily. The filet knife is priced pretty fairly when compared to others, but it does not come with a warranty to protect it, just a satisfaction guarantee.

The filet knife is constructed of high carbon German stainless steel that has been tempered with nitrogen to ensure durability and strength of the blade while also giving it extreme flexibility. The blade has a full tang that follows down through the handle which is held on by three stainless steel rivets. The handle is constructed of polished dark Pakkawood that has an agronomical shape to fit your hand and provide a non-slip resistant and excellent control while in use.

The blade has excellent edge retention, there is a full bolster to protect your finger and the knife has great balance to give the user extra control. It comes with a stylish storing or gifting box to protect the knife but does need to be handwashed.


  • The filet knife is constructed of high carbon German stainless steel and is tempered with nitrogen to give the blade strength and added flexibility.
  • The blade has a full tang that follows through the handle with three rivets, a full bolster to protect the fingers and extra added balance for knife control.
  • The handle is constructed of polished dark Pakkawood that has been designed to fit your hand perfectly and provide a non-slip resistance while in use.

  • Even though it is an affordable knife, it does not come with a warranty to protect it.
  • The filet knife needs to be washed and cleaned by hand.

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Shun DM0743 Classic Gokujo Boning and Fillet

Shun DM0743 Classic Gokujo Boning and Fillet

The Best Fillet Knife for the Professional Chef

Shun is a well-known titan of the knife industry. They make excellent knives made from the best quality materials in the world. Many would argue they make the best fillet knife for saltwater fish.

This curved 6-inch fillet knife is constructed of 33 layers of pressed low carbon stainless steel. Not only does the blade reflect a cool Damascus design but is also incredibly flexible.

The patent D-shaped handle creates an excellent feel for the user for easy handling. The edge retention and sharpness of the blade are of the best quality and are upheld to the highest of expectations. This knife would be an excellent addition to any knife set.


  • The knife is constructed of high-quality stainless steel which reinforces the integrity of the blade
  • D-shaped handle makes it easy to make precision cuts around bone and skin
  • The blade is very flexible while having excellent edge retention

  • While the knife is made of low carbon steel to aide in sharpness and flexibility, it is also prone to breaking or chipping if not properly taken care of or used

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Victorinox Cutlery 8-Inch Straight Fillet Fishing Knife

Victorinox Cutlery 8-Inch Straight Fillet Fishing Knife

The Best Filet Knife for Commercial Use

This filet knife is not the best knife out there on the market but would work well for a commercial kitchen. The filet knife is very affordable and does come with a lifetime warranty to protect it.

The knife is constructed of stainless steel which provides great edge retention and sharpness. It does not have a full tang though which may cause the knife to be off balanced when it comes to control and handling the knife. The handle has a comfortable and slip resistant grip that forms the hand nicely.

The blade has also been ice tempered to give the blade extra durability while also creating extra flexibility. While this is not the best knife it would still be a great knife for a beginner or someone who is on a budget.


  • The knife is constructed of high carbon stainless steel to provide extra sharpness and excellent edge retention through the blade.
  • It is more than affordable when compared to other knives and does come with a lifetime warranty to protect the knife.
  • The handle has been textured to provide a soft and comfortable grip and a slip resistant handle that fits the hand nicely.

  • The blade does not have a full tang and may not be well balanced for control in the blade.
  • The filet knife is not dishwasher safe.

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Zwilling Pro 7″ Fillet Knife

Zwilling Pro Fillet Knife

The Best Fillet Knife for the Money

This chef knife is actually pretty nice for the price! Also made by another well-known knife maker, this would be a great choice to go with.

The blade is made from a single piece of high carbon stainless steel. The type of material is their own special formula of stainless steel that differs from most other steel.

The blade also has a full tang to ensure durability and 3 rivets to keep the traditional POM style handle in place. The rather large bolster is curved to bring an even balance to the knife for more accurate cuts.


  • The knife consists of a full tang, three rivets and high carbon steel which mean the knife is built to last
  • The fillet knife is very durable, strong and evenly balanced great for making accurate cuts

  • While the blade is very strong and durable, the edge retention and thinness of the blade are compromised due to the material used

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Dexter-Russell S131F-6PCP Boning Knife

Dexter-Russell S131F-6PCP Boning Knife

The Best Commercial Kitchen Knife

This fillet knife is one of the most basic boning knives available. Usually, these knives are used in professional kitchens and restaurants where there are multiple people using the same knife.

The blade is made from stainless steel and can be very flexible when utilized. The handle is ergonomically designed to make handling and cutting easier.

This knife is not the best fillet knife to buy due to its lack of several features. But for the price, it will do the trick in the meantime.


  • No risk involved for purchasing this average fillet knife for such a low price
  • Made from stainless steel with an easy to grip handle

  • Low quality of materials used in the handle and the blade of the knife
  • The knife does not have a full tang or any rivets which would strengthen the knife
  • This fillet knife is meant to be a workhorse which means the blade will dull very easily

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Rapala Fish n Fillet Superflex Knife

Rapala Fish n Fillet Superflex Knife

The Best Fisherman’s Fillet Knife

This wonderful outdoors fillet knife is made for the everyday fisherman. You wouldn’t find this fillet knife in anyone’s kitchen, but more likely in their tackle box. The knife is made for fisherman to clean their catch rather than for the chef in the kitchen.

The knife has a really cool outdoors appearance. The handle is made of polished wood and comes with a tooled leather sheath for storing when not in use. The blade is made from stainless steel and is coated in non-stick black PTFE which allows the blade to run through fish effortlessly.


  • Excellent addition to any fisherman’s gear
  • Great woodsy design and leather sheath which appeals to any outdoorsman
  • Non-stick coating on the blade to aide in precision cuts

  • Not the traditional fillet knife you would use in a kitchen. This knife is to be utilized only on a very small scale

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Wusthof Classic 7-Inch Fillet Knife

Wusthof Classic 7-Inch Fillet Knife

The Powerhouse Fillet Knife

Wusthof is the oldest known knife manufacturer in the world. So, there is no doubt that this fillet knife is made with the best materials.

The blade is made from a single piece of high carbon Solingen stainless steel which tapers off at the end for exact cuts. The patent synthetic handle is also held in place against the full tang with 3 rivets for extra durability.

The knife also comes in a dyed leather sheath to store the blade when not in use. This knife is also one of the best knives to use for filleting fish of all kinds and in large quantities.


  • The Blade is constructed of high carbon stainless steel which means the knife will remain strong and durable for many years to come
  • Made by the oldest knife maker in the world and backed by their 100% guarantee with a full warranty on every knife
  • The knife consists of a full tang and 3 rivets to ensure maximum balance and integrity

  • This fillet knife is meant to be used over and over again. While being used, it will be re-sharpened many times. This means the edge retention will not hold due to its high carbon steel makeup

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American Angler PRO Professional Grade Electric Fillet Knife

American Angler PRO Professional Grade Electric Fillet Knife

The Fastest Fillet Knife

This fillet knife is set apart from all others on the list simply because it is an electric knife. The purpose of an electric fillet knife is the ability to file a large amount of fish at one time almost effortlessly.

The high-performance motor is able to run with twice the torque power of most other electric knives. This will allow the knife to go through bone like butter.

The knife comes with its own protective hard case and is slightly water-resistant to protect the working parts from any unwanted fluids.


  • The knife is equipped with a very strong motor which allows it to run through flesh and bone without exerting any extra energy
  • The blade has a strongly serrated edge which will never need to be sharpened
  • Comes with a protective case for storing and is water resistant
  • The knife has the ability to do large quantities of filleting and in half the amount of time than that of a non-electrical knife

  • This knife is electric, which means you will need to be near an electrical outlet for it to work
  • If you plan on only doing a small amount of filleting, then this is not the knife for you

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It’s hard to solo out one knife that will be the best of the rest. One knife may be the perfect knife for someone while it isn’t for someone else.

At the end of the day, you will want to choose the best fillet knife to best suit your needs. There many different brands all with different types of construction and material makeup. Knives can become quite pricey, so make sure to get one you will not only be comfortable with but will also last forever.

Any of these knives would be a great addition to your kitchen, so choose the best one for you from the list.

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  1. John herman September 14, 2020 at 7:19 pm

    Hi I am looking for a fillet knife for filleting salmon. I have fillet knifes but they seem to flexible when going down the backbone of the salmon. Please send me your best selection or idea. Thank you

    1. September 17, 2020 at 2:28 pm

      So you mean that your knives are too flexible for you? In this case, try to fillet the salmon with something closer to the boning knife. They are usually not so flexible and still are good for filleting. You can try ZWILLING Pro if that’s not too expensive (it’s still flexible but maybe less they yours). I personally have Dalstrong, Mercer Culinary Millennia and Rapala fillet knives and I mostly use Mercer Culinary for salmon because it’s so long and extremely flexible=)


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