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West Indian Fish Patties

An excellent alternative to Tabasco is Picka peppa sauce, which is found in shops specializing in West Indian food. This is sweet as well as hot: about 1/4 teaspoon is…

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Cod Bake

Spinach and cheese go well with fish, especially with the somewhat bland flavour of cod. Serve this fish casserole as a family supper dish with potato croquettes.

Russian Fish Parcels

Russian Fish Parcels is a rich, decadent dish to make for your family and friends. With a crisp pastry crust filled with succulent fish, this dish is sure to be…

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Thai Fish Cakes

Bursting with flavors of chillies, lime and lemongrass, these little fish cakes make a wonderful starter or light lunch dish.

Stir Fried Fish

Fried Fish is a dish that many people enjoy, and it's often served as a traditional part of holidays or special occasions. Learn how to make a stir fried fish…

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Mixed Fish Lasagne

You can vary the fish used in this dish according to personal taste and availability, although it is best to include one smoked variety. The fillets will need to be…

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Spanish Marinated Cod

Cod fillets can make a healthy treat when cooked at home. Here, they are marinated Spanish-style in a mixture of lemon juice, garlic and herbs. This dish goes particularly well…

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Trawlermaris Stew

Because of its abundance and succulent thick white fillets, cod has been popular in many countries since medieval times. This recipe is based on a stew that has been popular…

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