Chicken Bearnaise

Chicken Bearnaise is a classic French recipe using a whole chicken, sausagemeat and various herbs, vegetables and spices.

Circassian Chicken

Spicy and oriental, Circassian chicken is a good dish to cook in a chicken brick. Remember to start the marinade the day before the dish is required as the flavours…

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Stuffed Neck (Derma)

The neck used in this preparation was once a goose neck, during a time when geese were plentiful. Nowadays, chicken neck skins are used. This is the stuffed neck my…

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Chicken Stuffed Quinces

This is a very delicate Persian dish for Sabbath Eve. Rosewater is available in specialty groceries and Middle Eastern shops.


Hamin is the Hebrew word for cholent, and it derives from the word ham for “hot.” Some Sephardic communities use this word, as do the Persian and Italian Jews. There…

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Indian Stewed Chicken

The Beni Israel of Bombay usually serve this chicken with the deep-fried potatoes known as Aloo Makalla, though it is equally delicious with rice. Garam masala is a curry mix…

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Rose Chicken

Choose an ovenproof dish just large enough to take the chicken. The vermouth will evaporate too quickly if a large space is left around the bird.

Spanish Stuffed Chicken

Make a gravy to serve with the hot chicken: pour off most of the fat in the tin, leaving about 2 tablespoons of sediment. Stir in 2 teaspoons plain flour…

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