Stir Fried Chicken with Courgettes

The ancient Chinese art of stir-frying has been a welcome addition to British cooking techniques. It’s a speedy, healthy way to cook, as the food is only over the heat…

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Madame Douazan’s Poule au Pot

This centuries-old dish remains one of the simplest and most traditional methods of cooking chicken. Its patron is King Henri IV, who, concerned at the general poverty of his people,…

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Chicken Vegetable Firepot

Firepots’ are the Chinese equivalent of fondues the main offering is cooked in a central ”pof at the table and eaten with garnishes and side dishes grouped around the central…

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Garlic Roast Chicken

Garlic and rosemary give this dish, Poulet a L’Ail, a lovely Provencal flavour, filling your kitchen with the aromas of summer holidays all year round.

Stoved Chicken

Sometimes also called ‘stovies’ this Scottish recipe derives from the French etouffer, to cook in a closed pot, and dates from the strong Scottish/French links of the seventeenth century. It…

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Chicken and Blue Cheese Salad

Blue Cheshire is rich and creamy with an excellent flavour. Other blue cheeses, such as Shropshire Blue or Stilton, could also be used in this recipe. Radishes bought fresh, with…

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Cornish Caudle Chicken Pie

The caudle in this rich and tasty pie is the mixture of egg and cream that is poured into the filling towards the end of cooking time.

French Country Chicken

This is a simple and tasty way of cooking young chickens, and works very well with rice or pasta.

Chicken and Cashew Nuts

Many oriental dishes are stir-fried. This simply means that they are fried quickly in hot oil, the ingredients being stirred continuously to prevent them from burning.