Moroccan Chicken Couscous

Although couscous looks like a grain, it is actually a form of Moroccan pasta made from durum wheat. It is cooked by steaming it over a stew or broth. It…

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Pot Roasted Chicken with Cranberries

The slightly sharp taste of cranberries complements poultry beautifully. During winter you can buy fresh cranberries imported from North America. You can buy frozen or tinned varieties all year round.

Country Chicken Burgers

When your family and friends come over to watch the game, whip up these scrumptious country chicken burgers and enjoy a good time.

Curried Chicken Baps

Curried Chicken Baps are a simple yet delicious flavor-packed dinner or lunch dish. Serve them with a side of cauliflower rice or some greens for a complete meal.

Crisp Lemon Chicken

Crisp lemon chicken is just what you need for an easy weeknight meal that will please the whole family. Give it a try!

Sunshine Chicken

This recipe for Sunshine Chicken is a family favorite. Juicy and tender, this chicken recipe will be an instant hit in your home.

Crispy Chicken

Crispy fried chicken is a low-maintenance meal that's perfect for meal prep. This crispy chicken recipe with step-by-step instructions is easy to make and tastes delicious.

Cheesy chicken rolls

Cheesy chicken rolls are a fun twist on a typical roll. They're simple to make and perfect for a party or family dinner.