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Coq au Vin

This is a very old dish, invented – or so the story goes – by Julius Caesar. A group of Gauls had been cornered Asterix-fashion by one of Caesar’s garrisons….

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Chicken Paprikash

If you do not have a casserole big enough to take the chicken in 1 layer, use a large, lidded frying-pan and cook the complete dish on the top of…

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Chicken Curry #4

The flavour of the dish will improve if it is left overnight. If you intend to do this, reduce the cooking time by 10 minutes and ensure the meat is…

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Farmhouse Chicken Casserole #2

When things get hectic, it's nice to know that you can count on some old-fashioned comfort food. This easy chicken casserole is perfect for any day of the year.

Chicken Simmered with Spicy Dried Fruit

In Morocco this dish is called ‘Tagine’, named after the earthenware pot in which it is traditionally cooked. Dried fruits are one of the most popular ingredients in Middle-Eastern cooking,…

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Moroccan Chicken Couscous

Although couscous looks like a grain, it is actually a form of Moroccan pasta made from durum wheat. It is cooked by steaming it over a stew or broth. It…

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