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Seventeenth-century Broad Bean Tart

The broad bean is believed to be the original bean of Europe. Most major archaeological sites contain the remains of the broad bean which, because of its widespread distribution and…

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Chilled Pea and Beansoup

Pea pods have a deliriously strong pea taste. They are too fibrous and stringy to be included in a soup, but if added during the first part of cooking and…

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Green Bean Soup

Fresh green beans can be used, but you will need 600 g (1 1/4 lb) to allow for trimming ends and side strings. Cut into pieces and cook as described….

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Red Bean Chilli

Fiery chillies can irritate the skin, so always wash your hands well after handling them and take care not to touch your eyes. If you like really hot, spicy food,…

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Bean and Vegetable Stew

Vegetarian bean and vegetable stew recipe. A hearty and delicious vegetarian stew for the winter.

Broad Bean and Cauliflower Curry

This curry recipe is perfect for vegetarians or vegans who are looking for delicious, healthy food. It packs a punch of flavor with broad beans, cauliflower, and curry powder.

Mexican Bean Casserole

A simple, but delicious Mexican-style casserole with beans and corn, baked to perfection.

Duck, Bean and Vegetable Stew

A selection of beans, such as white haricot, pinto, barlotti and kidney, may be used for this recipe. They can either be dried or tinned. Look for dried pulses that…

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Chicken, Potato and Butter Bean Stew

This heart-warming chicken stew is given a decorative touch with a patterned potato topping. Sweet potatoes are very easy to mash, and their delicious flavour makes an interesting addition to…

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