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Blueberry Cornmeal Pancakes

These fluffy pancakes are made with blueberries, cornmeal, and buttermilk. They're bursting with flavor and make for a perfect weekend breakfast.

Caramel Banana Pancakes

These Caramel Banana Pancakes are light, fluffy, and delicious. They're an easy breakfast or brunch idea that's perfect for Fall.

French (savory) Omelets

The beauty of the French omelet is that it is so versatile – and relatively quick to make. Once the art of making a good omelet has been mastered, there…

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Chinese Omelette

This classic Chinese egg dish is so simple, you can even make it when camping.

Passion Fruit Mousse

This luscious and fluffy mousse made with passionfruit and chocolate hearts is the perfect dessert. It can be served as a finale for a dinner party or as the ultimate…

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Herb Omelette

Herb Omelette is your best friend when it comes to cooking up a quick and easy meal. With a recipe for each day of the week, you'll never have to…

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Egg Mayonnaise

There is nothing better than a simple, well-made egg mayonnaise.The secret of making good mayonnaise lies in the temperature of the kitchen and the utensils used – they must be…

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Stuffed Egg Mayonnaise

You won't miss the mayonnaise or eggs in this delicious, quick, and easy to prepare dinner. Give it a try!

Egg and Bacon Pilaff

Pilaff is a rice and meat dish, and this recipe puts a new twist on the classic by adding egg and bacon.

Egg and Spinach Croutes

This egg and spinach dish is a perfect easy dinner recipe for when you want something fresh and healthy.

Egg and Tomato Gratin

This dish is a real all-rounder: not only is it delicious, but it's also quick and easy to prepare. It will go well with just about any dish and makes…

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Soft boiled Eggs on Brown Rice

Soft boiled eggs on brown rice is a simple and delicious dinner. This is a simple way to get protein and iron with the added benefits of brown rice.

Tarragon Buttered Eggs on Pasta

This recipe is fantastic! It can be eaten as an appetizer or a full meal. The recipe is very easy to make and it's also delicious.

Eggs Mayonnaise

This is a recipe for the classic, all-time favorite way to enjoy eggs and mayonnaise.

Buttermilk Pancakes #2

Buttermilk pancakes are fluffy, light, and delicious. Try this easy pancake recipe for breakfast or brunch.

Chocolate Pancakes

Chocolate pancakes are a breakfast favorite for many. This recipe is easy to make and perfect for people who love chocolate.

Creamy Baked Egg Starter

Creamy Baked Egg is a quick and easy brunch recipe that is perfect for any occasion. Serve it with toast or a side of bacon and enjoy!

French Toast

Learn how to make french toast with our easy instructions. Great for breakfast, brunch, or dessert!

Lemon and Blueberry Pancakes

This is the best pancake recipe we've found. The pancakes are moist and fluffy, and don't leave you with a heavy, heavy feeling like some other recipes do.

Orange Eggy Bread

These fluffy, tender, and flavorful orange eggy breads are a great treat for breakfast or brunch.