Crab and Sweetcorn Soup

Creamy sweetcorn and succulent crabmeat combine to make a velvety rich soup. Whisked egg whites add an interesting texture.

Welsh Leek Soup

This delicious vegetable soup features the national emblem of Wales, the leek, and is also known as Cawl Cennin, the word ‘cawl’ meaning broth. Because the leek season is short…

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Iced Tomato and Basil Soup

A refreshing chilled soup, best made when tomatoes are at their cheapest and most flavoursome. The pungency of fresh basil adds a delicious herbiness.

London Particular

It’s a long time since London was blanketed regularly in thick fogs known as ‘pea-soupers. But that’s how this gloriously green soup got its delightful name! and it’s still a…

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Irish Potato and Parsley Soup

Potatoes have been a staple part of the Irish diet for hundreds of years, and find their way into all sorts of dishes. Use a variety such as Pentland Dell…

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Spanish Gazpacho Soup

There are more than thirty variations of gazpacho, only some of which are the familiar raw, cold, tomato-based mixture. This version is typical of Andalusia in the hot south. Originally,…

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