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Bonfire Warmer

This bonfire warmer is so easy to make and you can tailor it to your personal tastes.

Treacle Toffee

Many areas of the North have their own recipes for toffee, ranging from the dark, sticky Harrogate variety to the lighter, lemon-flavored Everton version. When making this recipe keep brushing…

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Vegetarian Mincemeat

For wholefood Christmas mince pies, make the pastry with wholemeal (whole grain) flour and fill them with this delicious, moist suet-free mincemeat. It will keep for up to 6 months…

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St. Brigids Oaten Bread

St. Brigids Oaten Bread is a traditional Irish recipe made with flour, sugar, salt, butter, egg and uncooked oatmeal flakes.

Irish Stew and Dumplings

This recipe includes beef, carrots, turnip, potatoes, onion, garlic and plenty of herbs and spices.

Italian Mixed Stew

A hearty Italian-inspired recipe for a mixed stew that is perfect in colder months.

Desert Nachos

Recipe for the most delicious and healthy nachos you'll ever eat.

Four Cheese Quiche

This is the perfect quiche for using up all those left over cheeses from the cheeseboord.

Gnocchi In Red Wine Sauce

Gnocchi in red wine sauce is the perfect comfort food. This recipe will show you how to make gnocchi with red wine sauce, and it's so simple to do.

Meat Terrine

When mincing meats or fish, put a piece of bread into the mincer at the end as it helps to push out the last of the ingredients and their juices….

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Coconut Soup

This recipe for coconut soup is so easy and delicious. It's creamy with a hint of sweet and spicy exotic flavor.

Harem Pilaff

A simple quick recipe for Harem Pilaf. This is a dish that I have eaten in restaurants all over the world

Stewed Fennel

Stewed fennel is a delightfully hearty winter dish. It's easy to put together, requires few ingredients, and will leave you feeling satisfied and cozy.

Ratatouille Chilli

This recipe is perfect for all the chilli lovers out there. t's really easy to make, too.

Elderflowers in Batter

Using elderflowers in your dish is a great way to add some variety and create a burst of flavor. This recipe won't disappoint.

Huevos Rancheros

Huevos rancheros is a Mexican dish that can be served for breakfast or dinner. It is traditionally served with corn tortillas, refried beans, and rice.

Three Tier Pâté

Three Tier Pâté is a delicious and easy to assemble appetizer that you can enjoy with friends and family. Get your party started with this tasty dish.


Perfect for when you are in hurry to get dinner on the table, this classic Spanish stir-fry is made in just 20 minutes.