Sangrita Cocktail

This fiery cocktail combines fresh orange juice, tomato juice, and hot peppers to create a tangy, spicy drink.

Green Summer Cooler

This recipe is perfect for the summertime. It's light and refreshing, but still satisfying.

Pink Tonic

Pink Tonic is light, refreshing, and perfect for summer. With just two ingredients, you can make this drink for any occasion.

San Francisco

This is a recipe for a handful of drinks that can be served at your next summer party.

Summer Cup

A summer cup is a refreshing, easy to make drink great for any time of the day.

Tea, Rum and Orange Punch

This is a favorite punch recipe that is likely to be served at parties and gatherings because it's so easy to make.


This is a recipe for making Tenderberry, a drink that can be served hot or cold. The perfect drink to serve at winter holiday parties!

Tomato Juice

Make fresh tomato juice from tomatoes grown in your garden. Juicing the tomatoes is a healthy way to enjoy the juicy fruit.

Indian Yoghurt Drink

This slightly scented drink is known as Lhassi in India, where the recipe originated. It is smooth and mild and particularly refreshing when very cold. You might like to serve…

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Tropical Fruit Drink

Exotic Brazilian passion fruit are one of the most fragrant and distinctive-tasting tropical fruits available. This subtle blend of tropical fruits provides an excellent alternative to alcoholic drinks at parties….

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Healthy Strawberry Milkshakes

Raspberry, banana, blackberry and pineapple are some of the other flavours that you can make by substituting fresh fruits for the strawberries in this recipe. You will need a blender…

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