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Frosted fruit and rose petals

Do not pick rose petals that have been sprayed with chemicals. Use unblemished petals and wash them carefully but gently before frosting. Hold each at base with a pair of…

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Lamb with walnut stuffing

Ask your butcher to bone the leg of lamb: it is essential to order in advance, especially at Easter time.

Marbled Eggs

It is very important to use only edible food colourings to tint the eggs. Tap the shells very gently to avoid damaging the eggs. Remember to put the eggs back…

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Hot Cross Buns #2

These delicious, traditional hot cross buns are perfect for Easter morning breakfast, or any time of year!

Green Easter Pie

This green pie is a true holiday classic. Toped with the breadcrumbs and marjoram.

Chocolate eggs

The decorated eggs can be made up to 1 week in advance, if stored in an airtight container in a cool dry place. Here is a chance for the equipped…

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Traditional Easter Cookies

These rich, traditional Easter cookies are a perfect way to celebrate the upcoming holiday. They are filled with spice flavor and topped with delicious white frosting.

Easter Lamb

A recipe for the perfect Easter Lamb that will be the centerpiece of your table.

Easter Cake

This egg-cellent creation is the perfect Easter dessert. Make coloured easter eggs with any remaining marzipan. Place the decorations on the cake.

Easter Biscuits

Sweet and buttery, these easy-to-make, Easter biscuits will be the perfect addition to any holiday table.

Easter bread (Tsoureki)

Traditional Greek Easter bread, Tsoureki is a sweet, rich, buttery Easter bread that's traditionally made for this special holiday.

Easter Truffles

Chocolate truffles are the perfect, convenient dessert for parties or gatherings.

Easter Cake #2

A moist, tender, traditional rich cake with a delicate almond paste.