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Bonfire Toffee

Bonfire toffee is also known as treacle toffee, Plot toffee, Tom trot, claggum, clak, or loshin du. It is popular on Bonfire Night and Halloween. The toffee has a unique…

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Coffin Cake

This spooky cake is perfect for your Halloween party.

Caramel topped apples

Watch the syrup constantly and be sure to remove it from the heat immediately it turns a deep golden color. Plunging the pan into cold water stops the cooking: take…

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West Country potatoes

If you have difficulty in buying the cheese, use plain Cheddar and sprinkle with finely snipped chives or chopped onions.

Bats Blood Soup

Red as blood this tomatoes and beetroot soup is the best for Halloween parties.

Witches Fingers

Witches Fingers is Halloween party dish served with a red, blood-like soup.

Spider Toffee Apples

This is a nice dessert for your Halloween party with apples, honey, demerara sugar and lemon juice.

Sludge Worms

Sludge worms are a popular dish for Halloween parties.

Lamb and pumpkin casserole

Frozen joints of boneless lamb, such as shoulder, can be found in most supermarkets. Spanish chorizos are sold cooked and uncooked: either type can be used for this casserole, but…

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Witches Meringues

Witches Meringues are the perfect Halloween treat. They're small, easy to eat and have a delicious sweet crunch. You can serve them as a dessert or as a side to…

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Hubble Bubble

Casserole with a mix of bacon, onion, sausages, and potato. Nice for the Halloween party.

Ghostly Chocolate Cakes

A moist cake with a smooth chocolate glaze that's perfect for serving at home or to guests.

Pumpkin Cheesecake #2

Pumpkin Cheesecake is a classic pumpkin dessert with a creamy, sweet ginger syrup topping.

Transylvanian Goulash

This is a traditional Romanian dish, typically made with pork, and seasoned with paprika or hot pepper.

Festive Stuffed Turkey

A stuffed turkey is a festive, beautiful centerpiece for any Thanksgiving table. This version is filled with your favorite stuffing plus rice to make it extra hearty.