The Best Electric Ranges in 2023

Given the plethora of options out there due to free market capitalism and all that, choosing the best electric range may be a tad overwhelming for the average customer, but fortunately for you, we’ve already done the research and combed the internet for the best deals, so you won’t have to.

To make your decision-making process as simple as possible, you must focus on things like features, design, and, most importantly, budget. In this way, the task of choosing the best electric range becomes easier.

How to Choose the Best Electric Range

First let’s define terms: an electric range is basically a stove/oven combo that cooks your food courtesy of electric power, yet you must learn that not all electric ranges are the same. Different models use different elements and heating methods, and yes, that impacts cooking in different ways.

While traditional ranges use gas as their source of power, electric ranges rely on heating elements, hence they’re fast, smokeless, safe, and can be fit basically anywhere if there’s a power outlet available. Here are the basic considerations for choosing the best electric rang, and let’s begin with size.

Before anything, go measure the width/height of your kitchen, more precisely the place where your electric range is going to be installed. As the general rule of thumb, electric ranges vary in width anywhere between 20’’ to 40’’. Design is another important consideration, as electric ranges are available in a variety of styles, i.e. freestanding, slide-in, and drop-in ranges.

The main difference between the three variants is the installation process, whereas a slide-in will fit over a cabinet, while a freestanding electric range does not. Freestanding ranges are most popular, and they can be installed anywhere in the kitchen, stand-alone basically, or between a space in your cabinetry.

Slide-ins on the other hand require a dedicated space, they usually have a tighter fit and arrive with a trim filler to give them a more built-in appearance. Slide-ins electric ranges look better design-wise and they’re easier to clean, yet they’re more expensive. Drop-ins require a more customized out-fit as they are designed to fit snugly into existing cabinetry. They are far less common than the other two models and usually lack features like extra storage or warming drawer.

The next thing that comes into play is the cooktop, and there are 3 different types to choose from: smooth top induction, smooth top radiant electric and open coil. The coil variety consists of spiral coil plates, an older technology that has the advantage of being easy to repair/replace while being also cheaper.

The smooth top radiant electric cooktop has a coiled element placed under a ceramic glass top, which gives it a smooth and sleek surface. This variety is easy to clean and features flexible width elements, to help with adjusting the size of the cooking surface to match your cookware. However, smooth top radiant electric cooktops are prone to getting scratched easily.

Induction cooktops are the most advanced as they use induction technology to generate heat directly into the pan via a magnetic field. You’ll require special cookware for induction cooktops, but induction cooking is more efficient and safer, yet also more expensive. To learn more about induction stuff, check out this article on the best induction range.

Capacity is another metric to take into consideration when choosing the best electric range. The typical oven capacity for an electric range is between five and six cubic feet, which is enough space to fit a huge 26 pound Thanksgiving bird or a baby dinosaur.

As per common features and functions, you’ll have to look for convection and to choose between a single and a double oven. Convection ovens cook the food faster, and come in 3 different varieties: fan convection, the simplest of the bunch, true convection, aka European convection, which delivers more consistent temperatures via a heating element placed in front of the fan (more expensive), and dual convection, a high-end/deluxe feature, which delivers better cooking results via 2 fans.

Then, there are “smart” features, like delay start, delay bake, timed cook function, self-cleaning function, lock-controls safety features, fast preheating, temperature probes and other smart controls, but don’t worry, as we’ll tell you everything there is to know in the Pro/Cons section. Finally, we would advise you to buy a range hood for your electric range, to keep your kitchen smell-free and clean as a whistle.

Best Electric Ranges

Cafe CES750M2NS5 Smart Slide-In Double Oven Electric Range

Cafe CES750M2NS5 Smart Slide-In Double Oven Electric Range

The Best Double Oven Electric Range

We’ll start the line-up of the best electric ranges money can buy with an exquisite smart slide-in front control unit, the Cafe CES750M2NS5 respectively. This electric range has it all, including a high-end finish, amazing features and a hefty price tag: for something around $3k give or take you’ll get a radiant convection double oven, front controls and a wonderful platinum glass finish.

The Cafe CES750M2NS5 looks like it was teleported from Starship Enterprise’s holodeck or something, and by that we mean it has a very futuristic and state of the art design, which would make it the ideal appliance for a modern kitchen. Looks aside, this electric range is very easy to clean, especially due to its platinum glass finish, and you’ll be flabbergasted by the seamless glass cooktop that would make any master chef proud.

The edge to edge glass cooktop provides more than adequate cooking space real-estate so to speak (for 5-course meals), and features a 12″/9″/6″ element with Power Boil technology that allows you to adjust the burner size to perfectly fit the cookware. The two separate ovens are easy to control via a modern digital temperature display, that’s very easy to navigate thanks to its electronic touchpad, and that means you’ll be able to cook at least two different dishes simultaneously at different temperatures.

The dual oven offers a total capacity of 6.7 cu. Ft. and yes, that is more than adequate to allow you to cook dinners and deserts in the same time. By the way, you’ll definitely enjoy the True European Convection system, which delivers accurate heat circulation for true cooking flexibility, and the temperature probe that allows you to supervise roasts and meats without having to open the oven door.


  • Amazing contemporary design, easy to clean and to use
  • Comes with self-cleaning function, auto oven shutoff, control lock, fast preheat, timer and temp-probe
  • Wi-Fi connectivity, smart functions compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and more

  • Kind of expensive

GE Profile PB911SJSS

GE Profile PB911SJSS

The Best Smooth Top Electric Range

Now we’re getting down to more “earthly” things, with the GE Profile PB911SJSS, a relatively affordable (at least compared to the Cafe above) electric range. Retailing currently for approximately $1200, the GE Profile PB911SJSS has all the essential features for your kitchen, as well as a modern and clean design.

To begin with, this is a single-oven variety, and that may be a bummer for multi-tasking oriented people. However, you’ll also get convection with Precise Air, a self-cleaning function and smart features like Chef Connect, which allows you to sync the range and the microwave wirelessly.

The GE Profile PB911SJSS measures 30’’x47’’x28’’ (width, height, depth), the oven has a capacity of 5.3 cubic feet and the cooktop has 5 heating elements, just like the Café, including a 12’’ dual element for added flexibility. You’ll also benefit from a Fast Preheat option, Control Lock capabilities to disable the control panel, easy operation via electronic touch controls and a large oven window for excellent visibility of the interior.

The edge to edge glass cooktop is very easy to clean, while the Chef Connect feature permits you to perform three tasks at once with a single touch, i.e. you can automatically sync range elements and clocks with the microwave’s vent and surface light, provided you already own a GE microwave machine.

Bottom line, the GE Profile PB911SJSS is a consistent, reliable and affordable electric range that does a great job with basic kitchen tasks, such as baking and roasting, and adds into the mix a convection fan and Bluetooth connectivity.


  • Well designed, affordable, easy to use and to clean
  • No-nonsense electric range, with solid cooking chops and without much flash
  • Knob free/completely flat control panel (love it or hate it, we love it)

  • None really at this price

Whirlpool WGE745C0FS

Whirlpool WGE745C0FS

The Best Double Oven Electric Range

Say hello to a big boy from Whirlpool, the WGE745C0FS respectively. And by big boy, we refer to the 6.7 cubic feet double oven electric range in stainless still, with true convection and all the high-tech bells and whistles one could expect from a latest-gen Whirlpool kitchen appliance.

Measuring 30’’x47.1’’x26.1’’, the Whirlpool WGE745C0FS is relatively compact given its generous double-oven capacity. Another interesting feature worth mentioning is the Frozen Bake technology, which allows you to skip preheating for your favorite frozen foods, such as chicken nuggets, lasagna, pizza, pies or fries.

Also, the true convection double oven allows you to cook multiple dishes faster, while the FlexHeat triple radiant element helps with saving space. The AquaLift self-cleaning technology allows you to clean your oven in under an hour without using harsh chemicals, and the five-burner cooktop adds to cooking flexibility due to its high-power 2x 3000 watt 9’’ and 12’’ burner, plus 1x 1300 wat 6’’, 1x 1200 watt 6’’ and finally 1x 100 watt 6’’ burner. Basically, there’s a dedicated burner for everything.

The 6.7 cubic feet oven with true convection has a 3rd element and a fan which distributes hot air evenly, and the built-in sensors monitor temperature and automatically adjust the cooking elements in real time, so your food will cook evenly. The range also comes with two oven racks in the lower and top ovens, which means you’ll have enough room for cooking virtually anything, and the Keep Warm feature and Sabbath mode will make your life easier in the kitchen.


  • Well designed, 5 element ceramic-glass cooktop, 6.7 cubic feet dual independent ovens with racks
  • Made in USA, Streamclean option, Hidden Bake element, sealed radiant elements
  • Frozen Bake feature, true convection, Keep Warm setting, easy to clean

  • The glass top burners scratch easily

Frigidaire Gallery GCRE3060AF

Frigidaire Gallery GCRE3060AF

The Best Mid Range Electric Range

Our next stop is the Frigidaire Gallery GCRE3060AF, a mid-range 5.7 cubic feet free standing electric range in stainless steel. Retailing for less than twelve hundred bucks, the Frigidaire Gallery GCRE3060AF has all the necessary features to provide you with delicious meals: True Convection, an Air Fry right in the oven and, most importantly for our lady readers, one touch self-clean options.

The thing about electric ranges is that if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all, give or take, and the same goes for Frigidaire Gallery. To make it really easy for our readers, this is a no-nonsense electric range that can be fitted in any modern kitchen. You won’t get fancy features like Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity or “Master Chef” gizmos.

But, if you’re looking for a dependable, well designed and easy to use electric range, this kitchen appliance will fit you like a glove: besides True Convection for more even and faster baking, you’ll get a Quick Preheat feature, a cooktop with a triple-expandable element, a fast (less than 30 minutes) steam cleaning option, a quick-boil feature due to a 3,000-watt element, plus Effortless Temperature Probe with Auto Keep Warm.

The latter feature will alert you when a pre-set finished temperature has been reached, and the oven will keep the desired temperature by automatically switching to a “keep warm” function, for amazing cooking results. The Air Fry will help you prepare delicious and healthier meals for your family (fat/grease/guilt free), while the 5.7 cubic feet capacity oven is more than enough to cook basically anything, including a huge turkey or a delicious roast.


  • Stainless steel design, 5.7 cubic feet oven with True Convection and Air Fry
  • 30 minutes one-touch steam self-clean feature, 5 element cooktop which includes a 3,000 watt element
  • Quick Preheat function, Effortless Temperature Probe with Auto Keep Warm, Extra-large oven window

  • Some quality control issues reported with bubbles appearing on the stove surface after use

GE JS645SLSS Slide-In Electric Range

GE JS645SLSS Slide-In Electric Range

The Best Slide-In Electric Range For The Money

Here comes another affordable slide-in electric range, the GE JS645SLSS respectively, a 30 inches single-oven with 5.3 cubic feet capacity kitchen appliance in stainless steel. The oven comes with a self-cleaning function and a dual element bake that produces even heat, and as you’ve might’ve guessed, there’s no convection system to speak of, which may be a bummer to some.

There’s not much else to tell you about the GE JS645SLSS other than it’s worth every penny. For less than $1000 you’ll receive a well-made and easy-to-use electric range that will simplify the way you cook and make your life easier in the kitchen. The design is, let’s say timeless, with stainless steel knobs and a classy LED display which allows you to monitor temperatures and cooking time from across the kitchen.

The oven has a generous window for improved visibility of the interior, so you can monitor what’s going on without having to open the door. We almost forgot the removable full-width storage drawer that allows you to store kitchen accessories or cookware, and that’s about it.

Bottom line: the GE JS645SLSS is a high quality and affordable slide in electric range that heats evenly across the oven and comes with a digital thermometer to help you dial in the desired temperature, everything being as basic and easy to use as it gets.


  • Amazing value for money, 4 surface cooking elements, including 2x in./6 in. 3100-Watt power boil elements
  • Well designed, stainless steel finish, easy to clean, exceptionally easy to use
  • Dual element bake 5.3 cu. Ft. oven capacity with self-clean function

  • None really at this price


If you’ve made it this far, you can consider yourself an electric range initiate. Regardless of what model you’ll end up buying in the end, rest assured that all of our picks are the stuff modern kitchens are made of, and, joke aside, they all arrive with powerful cooking abilities, advanced features and premium stylings.

The only thing that you’ll have to decide is which of them fits your personal needs and, most importantly, your budget. Each model will get the job done (baking and cooking that is) with flying colors, and we bet you’ll be satisfied for years to come!

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