The Best Double Ovens to Buy in 2023

A double oven is a must-have kitchen appliance if you’re looking to extend your cooking space, hence today’s article is about the best double oven money can buy. Basically, a double oven allows you to work on multiple meal components at a time, and that saves time, not to mention the convenience factor.

Simply put, choosing the best double oven for your kitchen is peak home cooking luxury; all jokes aside, having two completely separated cooking areas, each of them capable of operating fully independent, whether they’re side by side or vertically stacked, is any gourmet’s wet dream, so keep reading, as you’re in for a real treat.

How to Choose the Best Double Oven

To begin with, a double oven is the ideal choice for families, as it offers tons of versatility due to its large capacity and separate cooking spaces. There are two main types of double ovens available: double built-in models and double built-under models, the latter being smaller and built under the counter, while the former are built-in at eye level.

However, here’s what to look after: first, there’s the size thing, which comes into play in most kitchen appliances, especially when we’re talking about electric ranges. While most double ovens have roughly the same size, there are models that combine a half-sized oven or a microwave variety with a full-sized oven.

Keep in mind that a half-sized oven is significantly smaller and has limited features, and that will take a toll in regard to the kind of meals that you want to prepare in the “secondary” oven so to speak. Capacity is an important metric to consider, and by that we mean the usable space in both ovens.

Placement is also an issue, and similar to induction ranges, there are built-in, free standing and side-by-side double ovens. The built-in double ovens are the most expensive of the bunch, if we’re talking about residential (as in non-commercial) kitchens, as they’re directly fitted into your kitchen space for improved accessibility.

The freestanding variety is the most common/most affordable of the bunch, and a freestanding double oven can be put literally anywhere, as it stands on the floor and it’s very easy to install, and also more affordable. Side by side heavy duty double ovens are rare in residential kitchens as they’re usually found in commercial setups, they’re very expensive and come with tons of features.

This brings us to the next issue: functions/features respectively. A double oven can perform all the regular functions that a regular run of the mill oven does, but the question is: do you want both ovens to be able to perform all of the same tasks?

For example, if the main oven, the full-size variety, the work horse so to speak, is capable of grilling, baking, roasting, broiling, heating, drying, what have you, do you really need the same from the half-size oven, if that’s the case? However, there are scenarios where you will need both ovens to be fully featured/fully equipped as they operate simultaneously, so keep that in mind for future reference.

Extra features include pyrolytic ovens, which are easier to clean as they turn the food residue into ash by reaching high-heat, fan forced ovens, for a consistent and more even roast, and warm and hold, that keeps the food hot and ready after the cooking process is over.

Our final advice: regardless of the model you’ll end up choosing, don’t forget to add a range hood to your kitchen setup, you’ll thank us later.

Best Double Ovens

KitchenAid KODE500ESS Self-Cleaning Double Electric Wall Oven

KitchenAid KODE500ESS Self-Cleaning Double Electric Wall Oven

The Best Double Oven for Beginners

We’ll begin today’s line-up with the KitchenAid 30” Double Electric Wall Oven, which incidentally is excellent if you’re shopping for your first convection cooking machine. So, if this is your “first time”, the 30’’ model from KitchenAid will suit you like a glove. The ovens are equal in capacity, standing at 5 cubic feet each, which is neat if you’re cooking for a large family.

Moreover, both ovens benefit from Even-Heat™ True Convection technology, a cool feature that ensures even cooking and consistent heating on all racks. Especially if you’re new to the convection cooking thing, you’ll discover that your meals will cook way faster at lower temps compared to traditional ovens, and that’s due to the built-in fans that deliver even circulation for the warm air inside.

There’s also the Easyconvect conversion system to take care of potential cooking catastrophes, i.e. you can choose between pre-set categories and all you have to do is to enter the temp/time settings that you would normally use for a specific dish. The “smart” part kicks in and the oven will automatically convert your inputs to convection cooking settings, and you’re all set.

Moreover, this double oven looks great, featuring a professionally inspired design, with sleek touches in a stainless-steel finish, and comes with a glass touch display, and an easy to use interface with control lock function.


  • EasyConvect™ Conversion System, SatinGlide™ roll-out extension rack for easy loading
  • Self-cleaning cycle, responsive touch display, Even-Heat™ Preheat function, Temperature Probe
  • Consistent heating and even cooking, convection fans, nice design details, hidden bake element, roll-out racks

  • There’s no separate timer for each oven

FRIGIDAIRE FGET2766UF Double Electric Wall Oven

FRIGIDAIRE FGET2766UF Double Electric Wall Oven

The Best 27-inch Double Wall Oven

Next in line, we have a double electric wall-oven from Frigidaire, a modern kitchen appliance with tons of features. To give you just a taste, this affordable double oven comes with a strong convection fan helped by a 3rd heating element, and this combo provides even hot air that circulates throughout the oven, a temperature probe, that alerts you when the ideal cooking temperature has been achieved and then automatically puts the oven in the Keep Warm setting, a solid preheat feature, lower heating elements beneath the oven floor, a self-cleaning feature and an overall ergonomic and incredibly easy to clean design.

To put it simply, the Frigidaire Gallery 27” Double Electric Wall Oven is a must-have kitchen appliance, highly efficient and featuring a sleek and versatile design, with all the features one could wish for, and then some.

Both ovens, the top and bottom respectively, feature convection cooking, offering 3.8 cubic feet of cooking space, which should be enough for a family of four. You can broil at variable temps, and that translates into a delicious meal with a crispy finish. There’s also a smart safety feature that automatically shuts down the oven if you don’t use it for 12 hours.

Bottom line, the FRIGIDAIRE FGET2766UF is well equipped and ready to go, being feature rich, well designed, and, most importantly, affordable, making for a great option in any modern kitchen.


  • Modern/smudge proof stainless steel design, fingerprint resistant, even baking technology
  • Both ovens offer convection cooking, self-cleaning feature, very easy to maintain, Sabbath mode
  • Fast preheat function, temp probe, multi rack baking with 3rd heating element and convection fan

  • None we can think of

Bosch HBL8651UC 800 Series Double Wall Oven

Bosch HBL8651UC 800 Series Double Wall Oven

The Best Electric Double Wall Oven

Bosch is a big name in kitchen appliances and the 800 Series 30″ electric built-in double wall oven is proof that high end gear comes at high end prices. This double oven retails for over $3k yet it looks and feels like a premium kitchen appliance.

Besides looking great, this baby also cooks well, as it comes with all the essential features required by a connoisseur: an S-class like QuietClose® door shut, that works buttery smooth, a telescopic rack for safe access, touch control buttons, which make operating the oven a child’s play (and they also look awesome), plus a ton of cooking features.

We must mention the fact that both ovens (the lower and upper cavity) can bake, variable broil, warm, roast, proof dough, convection bake/broil/roast, make pizza and so on and so forth. Moreover, you’ll benefit from a fast preheat function, a temperature probe and a genuine European convection system for perfect meals every time.

If you’re worried about keeping things clean, you must learn that the 800 Series 30″ comes with a comprehensive self-cleaning function, and there are even halogen interior lights for both ovens (4.6 Cu. Ft. Upper & Lower Oven Capacity). If you can live with the price, the Bosch HBL8651UC would make for a nice addition to your kitchen.


  • Looks great, cooks well, intuitive controls, tons of features
  • Both ovens feature European convection system, fast preheat, temp probe, self-cleaning
  • Full-extension telescopic rack, dampened hinges, can be installed with flush cabinetry

  • Quality control issues reported by users, loud fans

GE JKD3000SNSS 27 inch Double Electric Wall Oven

GE JKD3000SNSS 27 inch Double Electric Wall Oven

The Best Electric Double Oven

Our next pick is a simpler and more affordable double electric wall oven from GE, the improbably named JKD3000SNSS model. This is a “smart” kitchen appliance so to speak, as it features Wi-Fi connect which allows you to control it via your smartphone from another room.

We know, it’s a cool gimmick, nice to have and all that, but it’s not a life changer. The twin ovens are equal in size, standing at 4.4 cubic feet each, and both of them feature a self-cleaning system with steam, a 10-pass bake element for heating a large cooking area and an eight-pass broil element for even browning.

Additional features include glass touch controls, which are easy to clean and allow you to set the temperature in an intuitive fashion, a kitchen timer, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility (voice control if you’re not into high-tech stuff), halogen interior lighting, fast preheat and a temperature probe. What you don’t get is convection cooking in both ovens, and that may be bummer to some.

However, this double electric oven covers all the basics and it’s a great asset for any modern kitchen, especially if you’re on a tight budget.


  • Well designed, easy to maintain, easy to clean, 2 cooking modes (thermal bake/broil)
  • Has all the essential features, ideal for rising bread dough, delay time function, smart features
  • Ten pass baking element, eight pass broil element, self-cleaning with steam clean

  • Lacks convection cooking feature

LG LWD3063BD Double Electric Wall Oven

LG LWD3063BD Double Electric Wall Oven

The Best Double Wall Oven

In our view, the LG LWD3063BD is the best double wall oven of the bunch, and there are a few reasons for that: first, if you’re into baking, this LG fellow is absolutely great, even if basically all ovens can handle regular baking tasks. However, if you’re a hardcore baker, you must go for an oven that excels at baking various food types, with better results and in less time compared to others.

Enter LG LWD3063BD, which is the best choice if you want to maximize your baking game so to speak, as it comes in a dual-oven configuration (4.7 cubic feet each), and uses convection heat. Basically, you can bake multiple dishes at once, and due to the convection heating elements, you’ll benefit from a more uniform bake as heat is distributed evenly around the outer surface of the food; moreover, you’ll achieve excellent results in less time compared to standard ovens. Finally, the easy clean feature really works and it will clean up your oven in less than twenty minutes.

The oven racks can be adjusted in 5 different positions, the pre-heat sequence is very fast and efficient and provides even cooking on every rack, and the smooth touch glass controls are a pleasure to use, and, most importantly, to clean.


  • Excellent for baking, spacious, easy to clean and maintain, auto-clean feature that really works
  • Sleek SmoothTouch glass controls, preheat function, automatic convection conversion system
  • Single fan convection for even baking results, well designed, fingerprint resistant, good value for money

  • None really at the current price

Whirlpool WOD51ES4ES Double Electric Wall Oven

Whirlpool WOD51ES4ES Double Electric Wall Oven

Excellent Double Oven For The Money

Our last (but not least) pick is a Whirlpool double wall oven, an excellent choice for people looking for a bargain. The double oven has a capacity of 6.2 cubic feet total (3.6 each) and comes with built in sensors that monitor the temperature and automatically adjust the cooking elements to deliver evenly baked food every time.

Needless to say, this affordable 24’’ double oven is very easy to use and to maintain, as it comes with streamlined controls and a stainless-steel finish. Speaking of convenience, the oven has a high heat self-cleaning function, a keep-warm setting and a 12-hour delay clock, and also a Sabbath Mode with Star K Certification.

Bottom line, if you’re looking for a stylish, affordable and well-designed no-nonsense double oven, this Whirlpool will give you a run for your money.


  • Amazing value for money, stainless steel smudge-proof design
  • Made in the USA, very efficient, cooks well, easy to operate and to clean
  • Heats efficiently, very quiet, 2 full size ovens

  • Lacks convection system


We hope that reading carefully our “best double oven” guide will help you make the best purchasing decision, especially if you’ve made it this far. This type of kitchen appliance is great due to its extra capacity and cooking power, as it allows you to achieve an incredible level of flexibility, and, who knows, it may inspire you to try out new dishes and techniques.

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