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Cauliflower Fritters (Karnibahar Kizartmasi)

Cauliflower fritters are made from grated cauliflower mixed with lemon juice, eggs, and spices. Serve on a dish paper accompanied by Yogurt Salcasi (yogurt with finely chopped garlic).

Greek Grilled Meat Balls (Koftah)

Koftah is a dish made from ground beef. This Turkish dish is also popular in the Arabian Peninsula, where it is more commonly known as kofta.

Turkish Delight Creme Brulee

This is a traditional Turkish delight creme brulee recipe. This dish is made with a layer of lightly cooked custard topped with caramelized sugar and Turkish delight.

Curried Turkey Meatballs

By the end of the Christmas season everyone has had their fill of roast turkey. Currying the leftover meat disguises the fact that it's turkey again and at the same…

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Turkey Kebabs

This recipe for Turkish kebabs will make you want to ditch the hamburger and break out the grill (or just a frying pan). Add these kebabs to your grilling list…

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Turkish lamb stew #2

This recipe for Turkish lamb stew is the perfect fit for the chilly days of fall, but you can also enjoy it in winter. The recipe is delicious and easy…

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