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Spring Lamb with Apple and Herb Sauce

For extra tenderness and flavour marinate the lamb overnight in 1 tbsp olive oil and 4 tbsps red or white wine. Pat dry lamb and reserve marinade.

Leg of Lamb in Pastry

This is one instance where a roasted lamb joint should not settle before carving – the pastry might become soggy.

Brittany Lamb with Haricots

Brittany is famous for its lamb – tender young animals that graze on the salt marshes off the coast. Dried white beans are the traditional garnish for this dish, and…

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Summer Lamb

Cooking time for the lamb is 1 1/4 hours, but remember to allow it to cool overnight in a cold place. You can use left-over lamb for this dish, but…

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Pot Roasted Leg of Lamb

A pot roast makes a welcome, often more succulent, change to the traditional roast joint on a Sunday, but it can still be served with all the traditional accompaniments to…

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A Greek classic. As a variation, the meat con be threaded on to rosemary twigs (remove most of the leaves) and cooked over a charcoal grill for about 15 minutes.

Greek Roast Lamb

Greek Roast Lamb is a classic dish, with a particular Greek flavor. It's easy to cook and delicious as a main or as a side dish. Roasting the lamb in…

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Lamb with walnut stuffing

Ask your butcher to bone the leg of lamb: it is essential to order in advance, especially at Easter time.

Easter Lamb

A recipe for the perfect Easter Lamb that will be the centerpiece of your table.