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Genoese Onion Tarts

Drain the anchovies, then soak in milk for 20 minutes. Drain again and cut into 12 even-sized strips.

Drambuie Creams

Be careful not to whip the cream too stiffly otherwise the dessert may become too thick when the other ingredients are added. This is an unusual adaptation of the famous…

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Chicken Catalan

Spanish chorizo sausages can be obtained at most good delicatessens, and are easily recognizable by their bright red appearance. They are made from pure pork flavored with pimiento (hot red…

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Original recipes for Pissaladiere come from the South of France – and the ingredients used in this rich, tasty quiche are typical of the cuisine of that region.

French (savory) Omelets

The beauty of the French omelet is that it is so versatile – and relatively quick to make. Once the art of making a good omelet has been mastered, there…

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Valentine Pork au Poivre

This Valentine's Day, cook up a little love with this decadent pork dish. Hearty and playful, this dish is perfect for any occasion.

Dairy Free Apricot Souffle

Apricot Souffle is a traditional dessert, but with a twist. Made without dairy, it's a healthy and luscious way to end your meal.

Tarte Aux Abricots (Apricot Tart)

This Tarte aux Abricots (Apricot Tart) with a crumbly, buttery crust and sweet apricot filling is one of the most popular desserts in France.

Swordfish Provencal

Traditional French dish, Swordfish Provencal with vegetables in marinade with dry white wine is absolutely delicious.

Scallops Provencal

This dish is a French classic. These scallops are cooked in butter with garlic and parsley.

Red mullet with chicory

Classic French dish. The chicory gives the fish a wonderful earthy flavour and helps to soften its sometimes strong taste.

Button mushroom provencal

This classic French dish is made with mushrooms, shallots, white wine, tomatoes, French bread and olive oil.

Vegetable Terrine

A classic French dish, this vegetable terrine makes for a perfect appetizer.

Normandy Style Calf’s Kidney

The Normandy Style Calf's Kidney recipe is a traditional French dish served as a main course. It is typically made with beef kidneys, but any type of beef will work.

Cheese and Nut Terrine

This richly flavoured vegetarian terrine is served in a pool of tomato sauce. You can make your own sauce or, if time is short, there are several good brands of…

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Ratatouille Veal

Veal is a staple of French cooking, but it tastes just as good with ratatouille. This dish has all the flavors you love so much without any of the meat.

Garbure Bearnaise

Garbure Bearnaise is a French dish with goose and various root vegetables and herbs.

Turkey Vols au Vent

The vols au vent is a little time consuming and difficult, but the end result is worth it. You can also make them ahead of time and freeze them to…

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