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Chocolate Meringues

These luscious meringues are wonderful with creme Chantilly and fresh fruit.

Roast Vegetables with Couscous

It’s ridiculously quick and easy to make, healthy, delicious, and has the capacity to soak up flavours, making it extremely versatile. This is a vegetarian version, which can be enjoyed…

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Wild Mushroom Salad

If you can’t find ceps (often known by their Italian name, porcini), use other wild varieties, such as horn of plenty, chanterelle and morel, or good cultivated mushrooms.

Pear and Chocolate Brioche Pudding

Brioche is a lovely soft roll or loaf made from a yeast dough enriched with eggs and butter, which give it its distinctive colour and flavour.

Mille Feuilles

When soft summer fruits are in season, use as an alternative to the jam.

Apricot Truffles

The slight sharpness of the apricot provides a delicious contrast to the dark chocolate in these luscious truffles.

Apple Slipper

This little flaky butter pastry, Chausson aux Pommes, is named for its shape. It is a favourite with children aigouter, the four o’clock snack that is traditional in France. Serve…

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Boeuf en Daube

This is the most traditional of the inland Provencal dishes. According to the old story, it was invented by a farmer’s wife, who, having put a piece of beef in…

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Boulangere Potatoes

This dish takes time; don’t rush it! The result is worth it: meltingly tender potato slivers topped with a crunchy, golden crust like French bread, hence the name, Pommes Boulangere.

Braised Lamb Shanks

The dish has to be cooked slowly and gently for maximum flavour and tenderness. Serve with mashed potato.

Chili Garlic Bread

If the strength of the garlic seems a little overpowering to you, roast it in the oven for a sweeter, more delicate taste before blending it in with the other…

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Lentil and Toulouse Sausage Casserole

This casserole, Lentilles-Saucisses a 1’Ancienne, is another old favourite: easy to make, completely stress-free and very versatile. It’s great with country bread and strong red wine if you want a…

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Chocolate Pot

This is pure indulgence of the highest order. Try adding finely grated orange zest, or a dash of brandy, whisky or Kahlua, to make your own personal pot.

Crunchy Roast Duck with Turnips

The meat content of a whole duck is low, which is why breasts (magrets) are so popular, while legs are an economical way to produce a delicious meal. Many different…

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Duck Breasts in Orange

Magrets de Canard a L’Orange is a variation on the classic dish of duck with orange. Duck works well with sweet tastes, and this is a quick and stress-free version…

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Easy Chocolate Ice Cream

This grown-up chocolate ice cream, Glace ‘Express’ au Chocolat, is from Janick Gestin of Laille. Serve with your favourite toppings; chocolate curls, creme Chantilly, iced Kahlua or toasted almonds.

Courgettes with Lemon Butter

These baby marrows are at their most sweet and tender, and make an excellent accompaniment to fish or vegetable dishes.