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Risotto with Ham and Mushrooms

Prosciutto is the best ham to use in this distinctly Italian recipe, though it is expensive. For an economical supper dish for 4, you may want to use a less…

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Ham Fritters with Fried Bananas

As the fritters and bananas make a rather rich, filling meal, serve with something sharp-flavoured as a contrast. A mixed green salad tossed in an oil and vinegar dressing would…

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Ham and Egg Cobbler

Cobbler is an American term used to describe a fruit pie with a scone topping. The dough, which is always made with baking powder, is cut into round ‘cobble’ shapes,…

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Grilled Gammon Steaks and Tomato

Juicy gammon steaks arc grilled with flavourf’ul vine tomatoes and served with a tempting creamy mash of swede, spring onions and herbs lor an excellent casual supper.

Parma Ham with Minted Melon Wedges

This instant, mouth-watering starter is wonderfully refreshing, especially on a warm summer evening. For optimum flavour, always use a fragrant, ripe melon. Pretty orange-fleshed Charentais is the perfect choice, but…

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