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Deep-Fried Pastry Fritters (Cenci)

These delightful fritters look like lovers’ knots and are served as a snack, or as an accompaniment to ice-creams and fruit salads.

Tuscan Baked Beans (Fagioli Al Forno)

Dried white haricot {dried white) beans are immensely popular in northern Italy, particularly in Tuscany, where they form part of many of the classic dishes of the area.

Genoese Sweet Bread (Pandolce)

This delicious sweet bread, flavoured with pine and pistachio nuts and fennel, is the speciality of Genoa, in northern Italy. Serve on its own or with lots of butter.

Rice with Peas (Risiebisi)

Italian rice tastes different from any other type of rice–and it’s cooked differently too. Don’t be alarmed if, at the end of cooking time, the rice is still quite ‘creamy”–it’s…

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