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Hungarian Turkey Ragout

This Hungarian Turkey Ragout is a savory meat dish with vegetables, made in the style of the country's famous gulyas. It's a healthy, hearty meal that will warm you right…

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Turkey Schnitzel

This is a favorite Israeli dish, based loosely on its Viennese counterpart but reflecting both a Middle Eastern influence and an Israeli individuality.

Roast Turkey Roll

This recipe is designed to replicate the popular roast turkey roll. It's a great way to save time and gives you lots of options for serving.

Turkey and Bacon

This is a great recipe for turkey breast. It's easy to make, healthy, and tastes delicious.

Turkey Stir fry

The Chinese, who originated the stir-fry method of cooking, consider it unlucky to cut food straight across, which is why the ingredients in their dishes are always cut on a…

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Turkey Hotpot

Traditional English hotpots made with crispy potato toppings have long been a winter family favourite. Lean turkey ensures the dish is healthy as well as satisfying. Spinach or cabbage go…

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